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Institutional Effectiveness
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Institutional Effectiveness

In the broadest sense, institutional effectiveness defines the degree to which an institution is meeting its mission, achieving the goals of its strategic plan, and using formal processes to assess and improve the quality of its educational programs and operations.

At A.T. Still University (ATSU), institutional effectiveness is facilitated through coordination between the Office of Assessment and Accreditation (OAA) and Institutional Research Department within ITS. Data and activities inform institutional planning, measure progress toward goals, and guide changes for continuous improvement in ATSU’s programs and services.

Each section below provides detail about data and activities shaping institutional effectiveness at ATSU.

  • University Mission and Strategic Plan +

    • University mission

      A.T. Still University of Health Sciences serves as a learning-centered university dedicated to preparing highly competent professionals through innovative academic programs. The University is committed to continuing its osteopathic heritage and focus on whole person healthcare, scholarship, community health, interprofessional education, diversity, and underserved populations.

      Strategic plan

      The 2021-2028 Strategic Plan was purposefully designed to align with and enhance ATSU's mission. Following a year-long development and feedback process, the plan was released to the ATSU community and includes six themes emphasizing various aspects of the mission including:

      • Innovative education
      • Mission-focused scholarship
      • Engaged, diverse University community
      • Beneficial partnerships
      • Agile resource management

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  • University-wide Assessment Committee +

    • The University-wide Assessment Committee (UWAC) is responsible for providing leadership to the University community in development and implementation of assessment activities for ATSU as a whole. The Committee’s major assessment effort focuses on tracking key performance indicators and metrics based on the goals and objectives. UWAC also tracks the core professional attributes embedded in the curricula of all ATSU programs, outcomes of accreditations and program reviews, as well as institutional assessment standards of the Higher Learning Commission that impact the University. These efforts support ATSU’s intent to strengthen its culture of data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

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  • Accreditation +

    • The Higher Learning Commission is the accrediting agency for the University, while a wide array of discipline-based educational programs apply to external specialized agencies for accreditation. Currently, 15 programs are accredited by these external agencies. The University also requires all programs to undergo periodic, internal program review.

      Institutional accreditation

      A.T. Still University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

      230 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500,
      Chicago, IL 60604

      Phone: 800.621.7440
      Fax: 312.263.7462


      Program accreditation

      For all programs, the University conducts a rigorous program review cycle to ensure the quality of all program offerings in addition to externally accredited reviews. More about program review

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  • Quality Initiative Project +

    • ATSU is a graduate professional institution focusing on medical, dental, and health science professions, and is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). As part of HLC’s Assessment Academy, the University participated in a quality initiative project. The goal was to determine common student learning outcomes, appropriate to healthcare professionals and suitable for institutional‐level assessment. During the first year, the Quality Initiative Project team developed five overarching meta-skills, called core professional attributes (CPAs), through multiple town halls and workshops. Once the CPAs were formally established, community stakeholders worked with project team members, using the CPAs to strengthen the culture of assessment within the University.

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  • Assessment Series +

    • Recordings and Resources

      Featured Guest Speakers: O. T. Wendel, PhD; Roxana Aguirre, MEd; and Ann Boyle, DMD, MA
      Recorded on: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

      The closing event of the 2021 Assessment Series guides us all through ATSU's new strategic plan. Click above to hear from Senior Vice President of University Planning, Dr. Ted Wendel, and Strategic Initiatives Analyst, Roxana Aguirre, as they break down the themes of ATSU's new strategic plan. Dr. Ann Boyle, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, will also discuss the data ATSU plans to review in their new operational plan and how this ties into the overall strategic plan for our University. Attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions, so listen closely towards the end to hear more about these topics.

      Additional presentation resources:
      Presentation slides

      Featured Guest Speakers: Dean Maag, BS; Brittany Williams, MS; and Julie Speer, PhD
      Recorded on: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

      For our fourth event, Dean Maag, Brittany Williams, and Dr. Julie Speer explores how one might create courses in such a way as to better encourage student engagement, using not only Canvas, but other technologies as well.

      Featured Guest Speakers: Forrest Bollow, EdD, EdS, MA, featuring panelists Beth Thompson, MS, MEd; Linda Brozewicz, MS; Valerie Hamlin, BS; and Jordan Farris, BA
      Recorded on: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

      This event covers the five foundations of ATSU which we refer to as Core Professional Attributes (CPAs). Dr. Forrest Bollow, director of the Office of Assessment and Accreditation, leads a panel discussion highlighting current examples of CPAs embedded into ATSU curricula, as well as which CPAs may not be as prevalent across the university. Panelists include Beth Thompson, Linda Brozewicz, Valerie Hamlin, and Jordan Farris.

      Additional presentation resources:
      Presentation slides

      Featured Guest Speakers: Jill Matejcik, BS, featuring panelists Erin Breitenbach, PhD; Bryan Krusniak, MBA; Clinton Normore, MBA; and Tabitha Parent-Buck, AuD
      Recorded on: Tuesday, September 14, 2021

      Our second event in the 2021 Assessment Series features a panel discussion on ATSU's Program Review led by University Accreditation Project Manager, Ms. Jill Matejcik. Panelists include Dr. Erin Breitenbach, Mr. Bryan Krusniak, Mr. Clinton Normore, and Dr. Tabitha Parent-Buck. Click the video above to listen as the panel discusses top tips for succeeding in accreditation processes and major lessons learned throughout the process. You may also hear questions from our virtual attendees which led to a lively discussion.

      Additional presentation resources:
      Presentation slides

      Featured Guest Speakers: Dr. Robert Trombly
      Recorded on: Wednesday, September 7, 2021

      To kick off the 2021 Assessment Series, the current chair of our University-Wide Assessment Committee and dean of ASDOH, Dr. Robert Trombly, highlights several focal points and key results from ATSU's 2016-2020 strategic plan. He then opens the virtual floor to questions. Click on the video above to hear more about ATSU's success stories and how we plan to move into the future. The closing event of this year's Assessment Series will dive deeper into the 2021-2028 strategic plan, so keep tuning in!

      Additional presentation resources:
      Presentation slides

      Featured Guest Speaker: Dr. Peggy Maki
      Recorded on: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 | 12:00-1:00 p.m. [MST]

      Dr. Peggy Maki will walk us through the assessment of student learning and development of technology in a digital learning environment, will give us a brief overview of Canvas capabilities, and will cover the quick principles of designing learner-centered online courses (or modules). View this recording to join your colleagues as they listen in on the most recent developments in the digital learning environment and carry the conversation with Dr. Maki into the future of education.

      Additional presentation resources:
      Presentation slides
      Canvas Screenshot Handout
      EPID Syllabus
      Getting Started with Canvas in 10 Steps

      Featured Guest Speakers: Drs. Michael J Emery and Timothy Miller
      Recorded on: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 | 12:00-1:00 p.m. [MST]

      Assessment Series has been lucky enough to snag two of the leading speakers on psychomotor skills assessment in the online learning environment. Drs. Michael J Emery and Timothy Miller worked with ATSU to curate a special presentation for our admins, faculty, and staff. Listen along as Drs. Emery and Miller discuss the opportunities, pitfalls and assessment of professional education in the online environment. With their real-world experiences and their own professional expertise, it is safe to say our attendees are ready to bring these featured guest speakers back to ATSU in the near future. View this recording to hear applicable tips and tricks for your own program and courses.

      Additional presentation resources:
      Zoom chat
      Presentation slides
      Teaching and Learning Psychomotor Skills at a Distance

      Panelists: Drs. Barton Anderson, Kim DeVore, Satish Kumar, Valerie Sheridan, and Karen Snider.
      Facilitator: Dr. Barbara Maxwell.
      Recorded on: Wednesday, May 6, 2020 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. [MST]

      During this Assessment Series presentation, Dr. Barbara Maxwell facilitates five of ATSU's faculty/admins as they discuss their experiences with Online Clinical Assessment. After the panelists weigh in on the recalibration, technology, and assessment of online clinical skills, Dr. Maxwell then opens the conversation up to all attendees as they spend time in breakout rooms, discussing their own successes and lessons learned with online clinical skills assessment. View this recording to brainstorm alongside your colleagues (hyperlinked above).

      Additional presentation resources:
      Zoom chat
      Presentation slides
      Clinical assessment jargon
      Video provided by Dr. Barton Anderson: "Teaching Clinical Skills Online
      Video provided by Dr. Barton Anderson: "AATE Planning for the Unexpected: Teaching Clinical Skills Online"

      Panelists: Drs. Kayla Black, Lynda Konecny, Maureen Perry, and Patricia Sexton
      Recorded on: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. MST

      This first presentation of the Online Assessment Series (01:18:34) hosts a panel of ATSU Faculty and Admins discussing the value of formative assessments online, the power of feedback, recalibration, and the importance of maintaining human connection in the online classroom. How can we maintain authentic assessment online? Listen in to hear how some of your own ATSU colleagues are leading the charge into online education.

      Additional presentation resources:
      Zoom chat
      Presentation slides

      History of Assessment Series

      Assessment Week was originally founded by the Quality Initiative Project team who knew that offering an annual educational opportunity to faculty and staff was not only necessary, but best practice. Assessment Week has looked like many things: a conference, a myriad of tutorials, workshops, digital panel discussions, and a platform for professional guest speakers. The Assessment Week planning committee is diligent in keeping the educative nature and momentum of this annual event, and the committee is also adaptable in recognizing what the ATSU community needs each year, in order to best foster the growing culture of assessment. Office of Assessment and Accreditation supports Assessment Week in conjunction with UWAC.

      Assessment Week updates

      The most recent update to Assessment Week is a change of name; A.T. Still University’s Assessment Week will now be titled “ATSU Assessment Series.”

      March 14, 2018, kicked off the ATSU Assessment Series with Laura Gogia as guest speaker. Gloria Rogers will continue the culture of assessment by visiting the Missouri campus and guest speaking March 28, 2018. The ATSU Assessment Series will then turn its focus towards exemplary faculty members, each offering an assessment webinar in late spring.

  • Department of Institutional Research +

    • The Department of Institutional Research provides centralized ATSU data for institutional planning, analysis, and data-informed decision-making in an accurate and unbiased format.

      The purpose of institutional research is to facilitate ATSU decision-making by:

      1. Building a central repository that facilitates access to data
      2. Providing integrated analysis and research for strategic initiatives
      3. Facilitating best practices in data collection, use, and interpretation
      4. Advocating for data quality and integrity
      5. Providing data review of mandatory reporting
      6. Promoting processes and resources that ensure effective and responsible collection and use of institutional data

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