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Preparing compassionate leaders online to innovate the business of healthcare

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intro video of ATSU's Doctor of Health Sciences Program Chair, Dr. Kathleen DiCaprio.

About the College of Graduate Health Studies - Online

A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) College of Graduate Health Studies (CGHS) educates and prepares healthcare professionals with management and administrative online healthcare degrees for a variety of settings. The College’s goal is to provide comprehensive and relevant online health management knowledge through superior quality, innovative online education.

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  • Accreditation +

    • A.T. Still University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

      3325 Paddocks Parkway, Suite 345
      Suwanee, GA 30024

      Phone: 800.621.7440 | Fax: 312.263.7462

      A.T. Still University is a member of The Higher Learning Commission, 
      230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413
      Phone: 800.621.7440/312.263.0456

      ATSU-CGHS has been recognized as a Quality Matters Exemplary Program – only the second institution in the United States to receive this honor. Learn more.

  • Career Advancement +

    • The College of Graduate Health Studies uses innovative online practices to provide a balanced approach that allows students to study at a time and place that is most convenient to them.

      Our graduates excel in key areas of healthcare education and administration offering a strong diversity of career paths.

      Here are potential career paths you could pursue with a EdD degree from A.T. Still University:

      • Health educator for a governmental agency
      • Health educator for a non-profit organization
      • Health education or public health researcher
      • Health department director
      • Professor of health education
      • Health education consultant
      • Health education specialist in business and industry
      • Public health information officer
      • Health policy adviser/consultant
      • Public health project manager
      • Coordinated school health liaison
      • Grant funding coordinator

      Here are potential career paths you could pursue with an MPH degree from A.T. Still University:

      • Program manager in an insurance company
      • Manager in a professional or advocacy organization
      • Manager in various departments within local, state and federal government health agencies
      • Administrator and/or faculty in a college or university
      • Program manager in a community-based service organization

      Here are potential career paths you could pursue with a dental degree (DDS) paired with an MPH dental degree from A.T. Still University:

      • Dental director in a community health center
      • Dental director for a local or state health department
      • Dental personnel in a federal health agency
      • Dental faculty in dental or dental hygiene school
      • Dental personnel for an insurance company
      • Manager in a community based non-profit
      • Public health administrator
      • Dental manager in a professional dental organization

      Here are potential career paths you could pursue with an MHA degree from A.T. Still University:

      • Chief operating officer, president, and vice president of a healthcare facility
      • Chief nursing officer or assistant chief nursing officer of a healthcare facility *
      • Clinical research coordinator and operations manager
      • Healthcare consultants
      • Healthcare financial manager
      • Healthcare human resources administrator
      • Healthcare insurance administrator
      • Healthcare marketing administrator
      • Medical director of senior care center *
      • Medical technologists
      • Manager/director at medical suppliers
      • Policy director of healthcare association
      • Program coordinators or managers at state or local government agencies
      • University healthcare outreach coordinators or managers
      • University faculty
      • United States Army and National Guard administrative officers

      * - Additional clinical degree required.

      Please note, this list of potential career paths is meant to provide examples of career paths that graduates of the ATSU DHEd, MPH, MPH dental or MHA program might pursue. While the ATSU DHEd, MPH, MPH dental or MHA degree helps students prepare for these career paths, preparation for any single career path may also depend on previous and current educational and work experience.

      Learn more about career advancement for the following programs:

  • Online Career Services +

    • The College of Graduate Health Studies has a dedicated Career Services counselor to help students and alumni meet career needs and connect them to appropriate career opportunities. The Career Services Office offers counseling and critiquing of resumes, CVs and cover letters, as well as opportunities for mock interviews and workshops.

      Login to access our services

      Note: Career services are available to CGHS students and alumni. Login requires ATSU username and password. Contact the ITS Help Desk at or 660.626.2200 if you need assistance.

  • Online Graduations +

    • Requirements

      Per the ATSU Catalog, all graduates must complete all graduation requirements prior to participating in commencement ceremonies.


      The 2022 ATSU-CGHS commencement ceremony will take place on Friday, May 27, 2022. More details will be available this spring.


      Contact Aesha Turner at or 480.265.8021 with questions related to graduation events. Contact your academic advisor at for eligibility questions.

  • Quality Matters Program Certification +

    • ATSU-CGHS has been recognized as a Quality Matters Exemplary Program – only the second institution in the United States to receive this honor. This certification ensures the programs and courses promote learner engagement in the online environment and provide students and faculty with the tools and resources they need to be successful. ATSU-CGHS is committed to this comprehensive quality assurance process. Learn more about Quality Matters (

  • University Writing Center +

    • ATSU’s University Writing Center (UWC) is a resource available to both students and faculty.

      The UWC has online resources covering APA formatting, citations, references, tools for organizing a paper, and tips for writing introductions, thesis statements, conclusions, paragraphs, and more.

      Students are encouraged to visit the UWC website to get answers to routine APA questions and basic writing help. Faculty are also encouraged to use the website to help them as they provide feedback to students.

      The UWC website can be accessed through the ATSU portal ( or through any ATSU-CGHS course in Canvas.

  • Donate +

    • A gift to A.T. Still University is an investment in the quality of healthcare. At ATSU, we are committed to educating the most innovative and compassionate physicians, dentists, and healthcare providers. Your support plays a critical role in maintaining ATSU as a national leader in healthcare education.

      The reasons for making a gift to ATSU are personal and varied. Perhaps you are grateful for your ATSU education and want to give something back. Maybe you would like to leave a legacy to benefit the next generation of students interested in healthcare education. Perhaps you have received compassionate care by one of our faculty members or graduates. Whatever the motivation for giving, we thank you for your investment and are committed to be exceptional stewards.

      Make your gift today

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