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Communication and Marketing

A.T. Still University’s Communication & Marketing (C&M) team leads the University’s branding, strategic marketing, and institutional-level integrated communications efforts for both internal and external audiences. Our team of communication professionals are dedicated to developing publications, websites, and other communications to promote the University and its mission.

Marketing and Creative Services

The Marketing and Creative Services team provides creative marketing, brand management, design, editing/writing services, and print production for the University. C&M staff produces a wide variety of digital and printed communications, ranging from brochures and websites to advertisements and institutional-level publications. Our marketing and creative services team is responsible for creating compelling, consistent messages to leverage University information and news among our various audiences.

Web and Social Media Services

The Web and Social Media team communicates information with external audiences by sharing information and telling University-related stories through the web, video, social media, and internal communications.

  • University Media Policies +

    • ATSU Media Policies

      A.T. Still University (ATSU) media policies set the principles that guide our University’s approach to media relations and the procedures for coordinating and managing media relations. The outlined policies are essential for campus security, media hospitality, and the positive management of media relations for ATSU.

      Media Information

      ATSU welcomes media interaction and visits to our campuses from local, state, and national media. ATSU Communication & Marketing (C&M) public relations representatives are responsible for handling all media contacts regarding ATSU, its faculty, staff, and student body. Contact information for ATSU Communication & Marketing

      Media Guidelines

      • ATSU C&M should be the first point of contact for all members of the media prior to conducting their work on University property or with University representatives via telephone, email, or in-person interactions. ATSU faculty, staff, and students who are approached directly by a member of the media are advised to refer them to ATSU C&M.
      • C&M’s public relations staff will serve as hosts and help facilitate media requests for information, interviews, ATSU experts, and campus visits. The public relations staff will also inform campus security of media clearance.
      • To protect the safety, privacy, and proprietary work of faculty, staff, and students, a public relations staff member should escort media representatives at all times on ATSU property.
      • Without prior authorization, news media are only allowed to work from public sidewalks and streets. Access to buildings, walkways, and green spaces is not permitted; and their vehicles and equipment cannot obscure vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
      • Press credentials must be worn on campus at all times. Identification must be shown upon request
      • Members of the media may not, for any reason, disrupt classes, clinics, or scheduled activities without prior permission and escort by a C&M public relations staff member.
      • ATSU is a private institution with its own rules and regulations. Contact C&M with any questions, comments, or concerns

      Photography, Videography, Audio

      • ATSU encourages the media to take photos and video footage on campus. However, if the footage is for profit or to endorse an opinion or political statement, C&M must approve its use.
      • Members of the media should not attempt to enter classes, campus residences, or workplaces for filming purposes without first gaining consent from C&M. University public relations staff must be present to help facilitate filming or interviews and to secure signatures on appropriate media release forms. For inquiries about photo, video, and audio opportunities, contact C&M.
      • C&M’s public relations staff may be able to provide assistance in obtaining images from the University’s photo library/archives. Photographs provided by the University are to be used with appropriate credit and for editorial purposes only. Manipulating images to change editorial content is prohibited.
      • Photo release forms can be found here:

      Press Conferences

      • ATSU may find it necessary to hold a press conference to address the media on a pressing matter or event. Locations for press conferences may vary; media will be notified of the location via a media alert from C&M. These locations may change at the discretion of ATSU’s president.

      General Information

      • Any information including, but not limited to, text, photos, audio, or video that is provided to the media by C&M or an official ATSU spokesperson may be used in any media publication.
      • Information divulged from any faculty, student, or staff member of ATSU by either direct quote or through social media does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ATSU. Individual comments and opinions represent their own personal views and must not be presented or considered reflective of ATSU as a whole or its leadership.
      • Contact C&M to be added to the distribution list of media receiving information regarding ATSU and news releases.

      Emergencies and Exceptions

      • In the event of an emergency situation, media should contact ATSU’s C&M.
      • All media policies are subject to change and/or revision at any time without notice. If you have questions regarding any such changes, contact C&M.

  • Media, Community, and Public Relations +

    • ATSU Communication & Marketing (C&M) public relations specialists develop, coordinate, and manage relationships between the University and the communities our campuses and sites serve (e.g., Chambers of Commerce, civic and community organizations, various external partners, etc.). Public relations specialists also manage all University media relationships, including requests for ATSU experts, media inquiries, campus interactions, interviews, campus visits, and press releases. Contact C&M public relations specialists on the Arizona and Missouri campus for counsel on media inquiries or to plan for media coverage of ATSU initiatives or events.

      Arizona campus ▪ 480.219.6015

      Missouri campus ▪ 660.626.2539

      Jason Hunsicker, social media & public relations manager,

  • Hometown News Release +

    • Congratulations, graduate! To celebrate this important milestone, we encourage you to send a personalized news release to your local news outlets. Using your school’s template as bulleted below, create a customized news release about yourself that you can share.

      1. Choose your respective school below. A Word document will appear.
      2. Replace bracketed information with your personal details – if you received a doctoral degree, notate Dr. <>.
      3. We recommend you direct your graduation announcement to a general newsroom email address and not to specific reporters. To avoid having your email deleted or caught in a spam folder, we highly recommend that you find a general email address on the newspaper’s website or in the print edition.
      4. Copy the release and paste it directly into an email message addressed to your local newspaper(s). Use the subject line Local resident graduates from A.T. Still University
      5. (OPTIONAL) You may also include a photo. Newsrooms are inundated with email, so an attachment may slow the receipt of your message or it may be blocked by a spam filter. Instead, we suggest you include the following note at the end of your email: “Photo available upon request.”

      For any questions, please contact ATSU public relations representatives, Lizzy Ellery (Mesa), or Jason Hunsicker (Kirksville).