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Department of Student Affairs - Student Life

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Department of Student Affairs - Student Life

Student Life fosters the academic, professional, and social development of our students through intentional programming, cultivating student leaders and leadership opportunities, and supporting registered student organizations at ATSU. The office of Student Life encourages and promotes life outside the classroom by encouraging a community of collaboration, responsibility, and respect among all community members.​

  • Events +

    • You are encouraged to get involved outside the classroom through a dynamic variety of events held on each of our residential campuses; below are links to listings of events:

      Kirksville-campus events

      • ATSU community members on the Kirksville, Missouri campus may access a list of events by logging into Engage with their ATSU credentials.

      Mesa-campus events

      • ATSU community members on the Mesa, Arizona campus may access a list of events by logging into Engage with their ATSU credentials.

  • University Events +

    • Orientation

      The office of Student Life coordinates New Student Orientation for all residential based programs to help assist in the transition to the graduate health sciences experience. Through intentional program design students will get a holistic introduction to resources and opportunities available to all students to have a successful and transformative experience at ATSU.

      Please note: more specific information will be disseminated via e-communication to accepted student’s official ATSU account.

      Welcome Week

      • July 8-12, 2019

      New students please review the New Student Orientation website for detailed information regarding Welcome Week/Orientation and white coat ceremonies.

      White Coat

      The programs listed below conduct annual white coat ceremonies celebrating milestones in academic achievement as it relates to their given discipline. For some programs it marks the beginning of their academic pursuits. For others it signifies the next chapter of their training as they enter clinical years. Regardless of the transition it marks it is a time for celebration and acknowledgement of the importance of wearing a white coat in our society.

      Arizona-based programs

      • Physical Therapy: May 31, 2019
      • Dentistry, Osteopathic Medicine, and Physician Assistant: July 12, 2019
      • Audiology: April 6, 2019

      Missouri-based programs

      • Saturday, July 13, 2019


      The moment our students have been working for since new student orientation is her/his commencement ceremony. The ceremony is the culminating moment in which our students are awarded their given degree, welcomed into the University alumni family, and are formally recognized as the newest practitioners of healthcare.

      Arizona-based programs and CGHS graduates please review the graduate resource page.

  • Housing +

    • Arizona campus

      ATSU students live throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan in an area known as the East Valley, which is comprised of the cities of Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler, Arizona. As you begin to look to relocate to the Grand Canyon State we hope that you will consider the virtual discussion board. This is a resource for students and by students.

      Online rental information can be obtained by contacting or visit Engage to view our list of rental housing complexes near the Mesa campus (portal login required).

      Missouri campus

      The Missouri campus offers an apartment complex for on-campus living arrangements, as well as several resources in finding rental properties off-campus.


      Located on campus, our 44-unit, smoke-free apartment facility offers ATSU students a convenient, comfortable lifestyle at an economical rate. Living on campus students will find classrooms and the Thompson Campus Center, ATSU’s recreation facility, all within walking distance.

      For information on housing on campus please contact Student Life.
      ATSU Missouri On-Campus Apartment Guide (pdf)

      Student apartment monthly rates:

      • One bedroom: $470
      • One bedroom + study: $495
      • Two bedroom: $515

      Housing residents with a service animal, or residents who wish to request an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) accommodation in ATSU Housing, should email Learning & Disability Resources. An ESA must be approved as an accommodation before having the animal in residence.


      Beginning in March, online rental information will be available to accepted students with a password. If you have any further questions about any of our services, please contact the Admissions Office at 866.626.2878, Ext. 2237, or

      Login to off campus housing

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