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Hometown Scholars
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Hometown Scholars

ATSU Hometown ScholarsDo you or someone you know want to help improve the health of your community? Aspire to be a physician, dentist, or physician assistant?

Turn your passion into your calling as a Hometown Scholars endorsed applicant. Hometown Scholars helps ATSU meet the needs of community health centers by identifying, attracting, and educating dedicated, motivated, and qualified community-minded healers.

  • About Community Health Centers +

    • Community Health Center Statement of Purpose

      To promote the provision of high-quality, comprehensive healthcare that is accessible, coordinated, culturally and linguistically competent and community-directed for all underserved populations.

      Community Health Center Service

      Community health centers are not-for-profit providers of healthcare to America’s medically underserved. Community health centers serve underserved populations of all types, as well as provide healthcare services to anyone seeking a whole person care approach. Innovative community health center programs in primary and preventive care serve 28 million people through 11,000 delivery sites.

  • Preparing for a Life of Service +

      • Connect with leadership from a community health center
      • Request a Hometown Scholar endorsement (a testament of your compassionate character)
      • Consider career options at a community health center
      • Commit to practicing in an underserved community
      • Be motivated, capable, and caring
      • Desire to work in a community health center
      • Demonstrate commitment and service to others
      • Obtain an endorsement from a community health center leader

  • The Power of a Hometown Scholars Endorsement +

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      A Hometown Scholars endorsement from a community health center leader lets ATSU know the applicant has the heart to become the compassionate community-minded healers they would like to employ. In this way, you can learn about that community health center’s approach for improving community health, and hopefully, gain the endorsement from that community health center.

      A community health center leader can advocate for your acceptance into ATSU by sending a Hometown Scholars endorsement letter to Gary Cloud, PhD, Vice President of University Partnerships. Hometown Scholars letters of endorsement do not replace the regular application process. Hometown Scholars endorsement letters parallel the regular application process – a process that requires its own letters of support.

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Qualifying applicants represent tomorrow's elite leaders with a true passion to innovate, lead and champion ATSU's defining mission of whole person healthcare.

Are you ready for a best-of-class education from the preeminent leader in osteopathic healthcare education? It's time for you to not only succeed…but lead.

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