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Learning & Disability Resources
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Learning & Disability Resources

Learning & Disability Resources (LADR) provides advising and services to ATSU students who want to enhance their learning and academic performance. In addition, LADR coordinates academic adjustments (accommodations) for ATSU students with disabilities.

LADR provides one-on-one, confidential learning advisement sessions tailored to individual learning preferences and challenges. Periodically throughout the academic year, seminars and/or workshops are offered on specific learning techniques. Guidance is also available for board exam preparation. Peer tutors are recruited and coordinated through our department as well.

We encourage every student to visit our office at least once to receive a personalized learning advisement session, and students are welcome to return as often as desired for additional support and guidance.

  • Students with Disabilities +

    • In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Amendments Act of 2008, Learning & Disability Resources supports ATSU students with disabilities by determining eligibility and providing necessary academic adjustments, while maintaining the standards of the University. Academic adjustments are provided for qualified students with disabilities, to ensure that academic requirements do not have discriminating effects. Any student seeking academic adjustments to accommodate limitations due to a documented disability is required to register with Learning & Disability Resources. Requests for academic adjustments must be made in writing. A confidential, interactive process is used to determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis. While requests can be made at any time, the review process can take up to three (3) weeks, so requesting well in advance of anticipated need is recommended. ATSU’s Academic Adjustments Process (pdf) provides additional information.


      Missouri campus and ATSU-CGHS students
      Jennifer McNeely, Director, Learning & Disability Resources
      660.626.2774 | Deaf/Hard of Hearing: 711

      Arizona campus and ATSU-ASHS online program students:
      Marty Allison, Disability Resources Advisor
      480.245.6248 | Deaf/Hard of Hearing: 711

      Minimal technical requirements for matriculation

      Please refer to the ATSU University Catalog for technical standards of each college and/or program. Review examples of associated standards for the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine DO program (pdf).

  • Contact Us +

    • Missouri campus

      Timken-Burnett Building, ground floor

      Jennifer McNeely, MA
      Director - Learning & Disability Resources
      fax: 660.626.2757

      Marcie Stansberry, MEA
      Learning Advisor
      fax: 660.626.2757

      Cathy Wood
      Administrative Support
      fax: 660.626.2757

      Arizona campus

      Marty Allison, MA
      Disability Resources Advisor
      Office: 5850 E Still Circle, Main Building, second floor
      fax: 660.626.2757

      Crystal Hendron, MEd
      Learning Advisor
      Office: 5850 E Still Circle, Main Building, first floor
      fax: 660.626.2757

  • Tutoring +

    • ATSU provides peer tutoring services for on-campus program students who wish to improve their academic achievement. The Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) program provides each student the opportunity to be paired with an individual peer tutor at no cost. With the assistance of and recommendations from faculty members, peer tutors are identified and made available to students who request tutoring assistance. ATSU also offers regularly-scheduled “walk-in” tutoring sessions, which provides students free access to on-call peer tutors each week. Services are on a first-come, first-served basis.

      For more information or to request tutoring services, please contact the PAL Program Coordinator on your campus.

      Missouri campus
      Marcie Stansberry, Learning Advisor

      Arizona campus
      Crystal Hendron, Learning Advisor

  • Schedule Appointment +

    • ​Missouri campus:

      Marcie Stansberry, Learning Advisor

      See Marcie for:

      • learning advisement (assessment of learning preferences, effective learning/study techniques, efficient time-management, test-taking strategies)

      Schedule an appointment with Marcie

      Jennifer McNeely, Director

      See Jennifer for:

      • disability resources consultation (applying for disability accommodations)
      • board exam prep/planning (board exam preparation, creating a board study plan)

      Schedule an appointment with Jennifer

      Arizona campus:

      Crystal Hendron, Learning Advisor

      See Crystal for:

      • learning advisement (assessment of learning preferences, effective learning/study techniques, efficient time-management, test-taking strategies)
      • board exam prep/planning (board exam preparation and/or creating a board study plan)

      Schedule an appointment with Crystal

      Marty Allison, Disability Resources Advisor

      See Marty for:

      • disability resources consultation (applying for disability accommodations)

      Schedule an appointment with Marty

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