SOMA Administration

Jeffrey W. Morgan, DO, FACOI, CS

Associate Professor

John H. George, PhD

Senior Associate Dean

Deborah Heath, DO, CSPOMM

Associate Dean for Curriculum Integration
Director of SOMA Osteopathic Fellowship
OMM Diplomat

Sharon Obadia, DO, FNAOME

Associate Dean of Clinical Education and Services
Associate Professor

Rupal Vora, MD, FACP

Assistant Dean for Student Achievement
Associate Professor

Valerie Sheridan, DO, FACOS, FACS

Assistant Dean of Clinical Education, Assessment/Outcomes, and GME

Thomas E. McWilliams, DO, FACOFP

Senior Advisor to Dean, Graduate Education
Professor of Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine

Frederic Schwartz, DO, FACOFP

Senior Advisor to Dean

ATSU president and administration

Anatomy Faculty

Jay M. Crutchfield, MD, FACS

Chair of Anatomy

Anna Campbell, PhD

Associate Professor

John Olson, PhD


William Robinson, DPT, PhD

Associate Professor

Basic Science Education Faculty

Edward Moticka, PhD

Chair of Basic Medical Science Education

Katherine Brown, PhD

Adjunct Professor

David Gardner, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Jeffrey Hansen, PhD

Associate Professor

Uzoma Ikonne, PhD

Assistant Professor

Robin Pettit, PhD

Co-Director of Faculty Development

Milton Pong, PhD

Associate Professor

Bill Wightkin, PharmD, MS

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Michael Zawada, PhD


Clinical Science Education Faculty

J. Aaron Allgood, DO

Chair of Clinical Science Education
Associate Professor

Robert M. Aaronson, MD

Clinical Professor

Eve Ashby, DO

Adjunct Professor

Tom Bennett, DO


Noel J. Carrasco, MD, FAAP, BCIM


Robert J. Coppola, DO, MS, MA

Assistant Professor

Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE

Adjunct Professor

Monica Fernandez, PA-C, MMS

Assistant Professor
Virtual CHC Continuity & Education Specialist

Mark Fischione, MD


Clifford Heinrich, DO

Adjunct Professor

Kenneth Root Jr., DO

Adjunct Professor

Denise Sackett, DO

Assistant Professor

Michael Seby, MD

Adjunct Professor

Mohsen Sharifi MD, FACC, FSCAI, FSVM

Clinical Professor

Ramakant Sharma, MD

Adjunct Professor

Harvey Simon, MD, JD, FAAP

Associate Professor

Allan Wachter, MD

Adjunct Professor

Gene Winfield, DO

Associate Professor

Tala Dajani, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Inder Inder Raj S. Makin, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Family and Community Medicine Faculty

Kelli Glaser, DO, FACOFP

Chair of the Department of Family & Community Med
Associate Professor

Roger Anderson, DO

Assistant Professor

Stanley Brysacz, DO

Assistant Professor

Melchiorra Mangiarcina, DO

Adjunct Professor

Joel Mascaro, DO

Assistant Professor

Susan Steffans, DO

Chair of Student Performance Committee
Assistant Professor

Grace Stewart, MD

Assistant Professor

Graduate Medical Education Faculty

Lawrence LeBeau, DO

Assistant Professor
Chair of Department of Graduate Medical Education

Christine Morgan, EdD

Assistant Professor
Residency Development Manager

Medical Humanities & Healthcare Leadership Faculty

Lorree Ratto, PhD

Chair of Medical Humanities & Healthcare Leadership
Assistant Professor
Director of Medical Simulation & Standardized Patients

Lise McCoy, EdD

Assistant Professor
Co-Director of Faculty Development
Director of Technology-Enhanced Active Learning

Osteopathic Principles & Practice Faculty

Victoria Troncoso, DO

Chair of OPP/OMM
Associate Professor

Damian Bundschuh, DO

Adjunct Professor

Thomas Byrnes, DO

Assistant Professor

Derek Higgins, DO

Assistant Professor

Gregory Hollick, DO

Assistant Professor

Bonnie Wong, DO

Assistant Professor

Barbara Polstein, DO

Adjunct Professor

Shana Shosky, DO

Assistant Professor

David Shoup, DO

Medical Director, ATSU Osteopathic Medicine Center
Associate Professor

Robert Woodbury, DO

Adjunct Professor

Public Health Faculty

Joy H. Lewis, DO, PhD, FACP

Chair of SOMA Dept. of Public Health
Director of Public Health & Practice-Based Research
Director of DO/MPH Program
Director of ATSU-SOMA Practice-Based
Research Network

Isaac Navarro, DMD, MPH

Adjunct Associate Professor

Kate Whelihan, MPH

COPC Public Health Research Specialist
Specialist for MPH/DO Dual Degree Program

Earla White, PhD, MEd, RHIA

Associate Professor
Director of Community Oriented Primary Care


Administrative Support

Anna Wright, MBA

Director of Operations

Jessi Barriga

Administrative Assistant for SOMA Faculty

Ann Cano

Administrative Support - Dean's Office

Andrea Agersea, BS

Manager, ATSU Osteopathic Medicine Center

Angela Vincent, BA

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Marji Kinney, MEd

Director, Office of Evaluation and Effectiveness

Student Assessment Support

Michele Farr

Assessment Coordinator

Nicholas Cross

Administrative Assistant for Assessment

Clinical Education Support

Melynda Blackburn

Clinical Education Department Manager

Sandra Harris

Clinical Education Coordinator (Western Region)

Brenae Maddix

Clinical Education Coordinator (Central Region)

Tina Bannochie

Credentialing Specialist

Donna McBride

Clinical Education Project Coordinator

Beth Schmitt

Community Campus Coordinator

Kristy Nikolaus

Clinical Education Coordinator (Eastern Region)

Curriculum Support

Charlyn Kellar, MSEE

Manager, Curriculum Support

Nichole Goldman

OMS III-IV Curriculum Coordinator

Mariam Alshukri, MS

OMS-II Curriculum Coordinator

Jeni Rogers, BA

OMS-I Curriculum Coordinator

Lois Squires

Administrative Assistant for OPP

Medical Simulation Support

Lisa McNeil

Medical Simulation Technician