Expanding access to underserved communities

ATSU believes the greatest challenges in healthcare are related to access. Guided by our mission to serve underserved populations, ATSU embodies the selfless application of healing knowledge to influence the altruistic caring and overall health and well-being of others.

There are many definitions of the underserved reflecting the wide range of populations we must address to truly care for the communities we serve. The underserved may encompass any or all of the following: those with physical, emotional, or intellectual disabilities having difficulty in the healthcare environment, patients at high risk for complications having difficulty finding healthcare providers, and those with distance, cultural, language or insurance barriers.. At ATSU, we grow the compassion within our students for the underserved and teach them how to make a difference in the health of the communities they lead. In the real world of caring for our communities, our mission and vision propel graduates to become the next generation of compassionate healthcare professionals who focus on whole person healthcare and serve the healthcare needs of our entire community. Body, mind, and spirit.

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