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University-wide Assessment Committee

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University-wide Assessment Committee

The University-wide Assessment Committee (UWAC) is responsible for providing leadership to the University community in the development and implementation of an integrated assessment plan for ATSU as a whole. This integrated assessment plan will flow from the University’s mission, vision, core values, and strategic plan, as well as the metrics, adopted by the Board of Trustees. UWAC will also focus on the core professional attributes applicable to all ATSU programs and students as well as institutional assessment standards of the Higher Learning Commission impacting the University as a whole. These efforts will support ATSU’s initiative to strengthen its culture of data-driven decision-making.

  • Purpose +

    • To carry out its intended purpose, the University-wide Assessment Committee will: ​

      1. Develop and recommend appropriate procedures regarding acquisition and use of university-wide assessment data, including development of common data definitions.
      2. Track key performance indicators and metrics based on the ATSU strategic plan goals. Assessment data will be used to provide information necessary for ATSU to promote accountability, transparency, and continuous quality improvement.
      3. Oversee UWAC-A in conducting periodic program review for ATSU academic programs based on an established program review process and timeline to promote quality programs and identify opportunities for improvement. Make recommendations regarding resource allocations to University leadership based on issues identified in program review reports.
      4. Work with the Office of Assessment and Accreditation (OAA) to ensure its counterparts at the college/school level develop various assessment plans that are effective and meaningful, appropriately complementary, and avoid unnecessary duplication. OAA facilitates appropriate aggregation of educational outcomes data across the University and increased student learning through feedback loops.
      5. Use assessment and evaluation data to recommend priorities at the institutional level for continuous quality improvement and decision-making. The focus of university-wide assessment is programmatic and institutional in nature and is not directed toward individual faculty, staff, or students
      6. Benchmark standards and maintain a continuous, systematic assessment program to measure student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness.

  • Roles and Responsibilities +

    • UWAC

      • “Umbrella/oversight” recommending committee with decision makers in the membership.
      • UWAC membership will be comprised of individual representation by each appointed position from academic and resource support entities of the University.
      • Receives recommendations from the subcommittees and makes resource-based recommendations for actions to address improvements to the president and Board of Trustees through the senior vice-presidents.
      • Monitors HLC assessment expectations.
      • The SVPAA appoints the chair and chair-elect of UWAC. Members are appointed according to office.
      • OAA is represented on UWAC.

      UWAC Steering Committee

      • Functions to coordinate and facilitate activities of the subcommittees consistent with UWAC objectives and sets UWAC agendas.
      • Membership includes chairs of UWAC, UWAC-A and UWAC-R, and one elected representative from each subcommittee (5 members total).

  • UWAC Subcommittees +

    • UWAC Subcommittee on Academics (UWAC-A)

      • Focused on all issues concerning development, delivery, outcomes, and assessment of the University curricula – reviews data, evaluates, and makes recommendations to UWAC.
      • Responsible for conducting program reviews for accredited and non-accredited academic programs on a regular basis and reporting the program review to UWAC.
      • Membership includes faculty, student, dean, and academic affairs representation from UWAC, plus additional faculty members.
      • Chair and members-at-large elected by subcommittee.

      UWAC Subcommittee on Institutional Resources (UWAC-R)

      • Focused on all supporting functions for the educational programs – reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to UWAC.
      • Membership includes supporting unit membership representation from UWAC, plus additional key personnel, e.g., admissions and financial aid.
      • Chair elected by subcommittee.

  • UWAC Membership and Composition +

    • ​The current UWAC chairperson is Tabitha Parent-Buck, AuD, professor and chair of Audiology (

      UWAC flowchart (pdf)

      UWAC Membership Representatives Subcommittee Assignment
      UWAC chairperson Academic (member) & Institutional Resources (ex‐officio)
      Senior vice president - academic affairs (ex‐officio) Academic
      Senior vice president - university planning and strategic initiatives (ex‐officio) Institutional Resources
      Vice president - Finance and administration/CFO Institutional Resources
      Vice president - University advancement Institutional Resources
      Vice president - research, grants, and information systems Institutional Resources
      Vice president - student affairs Institutional Resources
      Associate vice president - academic affairs Academic
      Assistant vice president - information technology services (CIO) Institutional Resources
      Deans Council representative Academic
      Associate vice president for diversity & inclusion Institutional Resources
      OAA director Academic & Institutional Resources
      University data manager Academic & Institutional Resources
      University Faculty Senate representative Academic
      University Staff Council representative Institutional Resources
      University Student Association representative Academic
      At‐large faculty member (AZ or MO*) Academic
      At‐large student (AZ or MO*) Academic
      Immediate past chair UWAC Academic

      *At‐large faculty and student are selected to assure that beyond the senate or student association representative from each group, both campuses are represented.

      UWAC Subcommittee on Academics

      • UWAC chairperson
      • Senior vice president - academic affairs (ex‐officio)
      • Associate vice president - academic affairs
      • Deans Council representative
      • University Faculty Senate representative
      • University Student Association representative
      • OAA director
      • At‐large faculty representative (AZ or MO*)
      • At‐large student representative (AZ or MO*)
      • Faculty representative for each college/school (5+ past chair)
      • Immediate past UWAC chair
      • University data manager
      • OAA assessment specialist

      UWAC Subcommittee on Institutional Resources

      • UWAC Chairperson (Ex-officio)
      • SrVP university planning and strategic initiatives (ex-officio)
      • VP University Finance/Budget
      • VP Advancement
      • VP Sponsored Programs
      • VP Student Affairs
      • Assistant VP Information Technology Svcs (CIO)
      • Associate VP for Diversity & Inclusion
      • OAA Director
      • Communications & Marketing Director
      • University Staff Council Representative
      • University Data Manager
      • OAA Accreditation Specialist

      Note: Ad hoc members may be added to either subcommittee as needed for specific expertise. Senior vice president, academic affairs and senior vice president, University planning and strategic initiatives make recommendations to the president. The president appoints the UWAC chair. University Faculty Senate and University Student Association appoint at‐large members. Subcommittee chairs are elected by subcommittee.

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