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Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Current Tuition

  • Didactic component tuition: $44,840+ $1241 + 1928 medical equipment, lab and educational supply fees
  • Clinical component tuition: $38,110  + $1,050 educational supply fee
  • Secondary fee: $70 

Please see the Student Financial Services website for additional information regarding tuition refund policies.

Note that financial services website divides tuition into the calendar year (as opposed to the didactic and clinical components of our program as listed above) for the purpose of yearly financial aid planning.

Tuition, fees and expenses are subject to change.

Financial Aid Opportunities


Requests for information regarding loans and other financial assistance can be found on our financial aid web site.


Many Community Health Centers (CHCs) offer loan repayment for graduate PAs who choose to serve in their organizations. 

There are also numerous opportunities for PAs to serve in underserved geographic areas (for example, please see 

The American Academy of Physician Assistants has a wealth of information on financial aid opportunities:

There are also opportunities through state organizations, such as