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University Mission

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences serves as a learning-centered university dedicated to preparing highly competent professionals through innovative academic programs with a commitment to continue its osteopathic heritage and focus on whole person healthcare, scholarship, community health, interprofessional education, diversity, and underserved populations.

Our Services and Promise

Abraham Maslow, a renowned humanistic psychologist, believed that people strive to reach the highest levels of their capabilities. He believed that the respectful treatment of people promotes personal growth and when physiological, safety, love and affection, esteem and self-actualization needs are met, people have the greatest opportunity to reach higher levels of learning and service. This is known as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory.

In many respects, the principles and values of the Department of Student Affairs are based upon Maslow's theory. We believe that in order for students to achieve at their highest level on integrity and compassion and and be life-long learners, the services provided by the various Student Affairs offices must meet the needs of students in three areas: mind, body, and spirit.

The Admissions program must recruit, select and orientate highly-qualified applicants. They seek creative, compassionate, and motivated applicants that want to serve humanity. If an applicant is to choose ATSU, they must feel safe and be able to secure housing in peaceful and friendly neighborhoods. A student's physiological needs of food, clothing, and protection are assured only if provided with financial assistance and the skills to manage debt.

Students can escape loneliness and alienation while receiving empathy, affection, and a sense of belonging by participating in student organizations, leadership development, and volunteer experiences encouraged and sponsored by the Department of Student Affairs.

ATSU students can experience personal growth and acquire life-long skills through involvement in the Still-Well wellness program or by being a member of individual and team sports and exercise programs at the Thompson Campus Center (ATSU-Kirksville). Emotional and academic support is readily available through Counseling Services and the Learning Resources. The Registrar's Office verifies a life-long record of course work, grades, and the granting of a diploma to recognize significant achievement.

Our enthusiastic Student Affairs professionals are dedicated to providing students with result-oriented and personal service. Each office is a high volume, high contact department determined to support the basic needs of students so that they can be competent and compassionate caregivers.

Lori Haxton, MA
Vice President for Student Affairs