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Department of Student Affairs - Health Insurance Requirements

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Department of Student Affairs - Health Insurance Requirements

For the 2023/2024 academic year, ATSU offers a student health insurance plan.  All ATSU students are required to have active health insurance coverage. To ensure that students have access to a comprehensive health insurance plan, ATSU has chosen Aetna Student Health (ASH) as the medical plan provider for the 2023/2024 student health plan.  All students must enroll in the student-sponsored health plan or provide proof of other acceptable health coverage.

HSA Consulting, Inc. (HSAC) is the group administrator for the student health plan and will verify waiver information to ensure all students are in compliance with A.T. Still University health insurance requirements. As the group administrator HSAC will assist students with plan questions, address changes, claims assistance and obtaining ID cards. For more information on details of the plan, University requirements, enrollment, or completing the waiver process; please visit

A. T. Still University Summary of Benefits 2023-24

HSA Consulting, Inc. is available by phone, (888-978-8355), or email ( for any additional questions regarding the waiver/enrollment process or the student health insurance plan.

Please visit to access full details of the student health insurance plan, get your ID card, find your summary of benefits, certificate of coverage, or a provider near you.

Student Health Insurance Requirements

All students MUST be covered by an ACA compliant domestic health insurance plan for the entire academic year, including summer and holidays.

The acceptable coverage to waive the A.T. Still University - Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan is a parent’s employer group plan, a spouse’s employer group plan, VA Benefits or COBRA. Individual Plans will be accepted for the 2023-2024 Policy year as long as they meet the University’s waiver requirements. Additionally, the University will allow students to waive out of the student health insurance plan using Medicaid based coverage in the states of Arizona, California, or Missouri, and the student must live in that state the entire academic year with no clinical coursework (students with any clinical experiences will not be allowed to use Medicaid to waive the ATSU student plan). The A.T. Still University Waiver requirements are as follows:

  • Deductible MUST NOT be more than $2,500 for individual and/or family annually.  NO exceptions.
  • Adequate major medical coverage of at least $1,000,000/policy year
  • Prescription coverage
  • Mental health coverage
  • Coverage for an annual exam
  • A provider network in the area of your A.T. Still University campus for primary care, specialty, hospital, and diagnostic care. Students attending online programs, including those that are only partially online, are exempt from this requirement.

Short-term health insurance policies, traveler’s plans, share plans, or plans originating outside of the United States will not be accepted as part of the Waiver process. Failure to maintain continuous health insurance coverage may result in disciplinary action including possible suspension and/or dismissal.