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The Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) entry level program at A.T. Still University is transitioning from a quarter-based system to a semester-based system for the 2017-2018 academic year. The academic coursework in the new Fall semester will begin July 17, 2017. Although most of the course content and course sequence is unchanged, course prefixes and course numbers are being modified. Additionally, there will be substantial changes in the academic calendar. See the 2016-2017 Curriculum Guide, 2017-2018 Curriculum Guide, and 2016-18 Audiology Calendar.

Entry Level Doctor of Audiology Degree Program

Audiology is the science of hearing and the study of auditory vestibular processes. The audiologist is concerned with the development, anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the auditory and vestibular systems, as well as the evaluation, habilitation/rehabilitation, and psychology of hearing and/or balance impairment. In addition, audiologists provide counseling and training in the use of amplification devices and the remediation of hearing and vestibular disorders.

The profession of audiology and its scope of practice have expanded enormously in the past decade. The demand on university and/or college training programs to keep pace with the expanding scope of practice has led the transition of audiology to a doctoring profession. Current master's programs are either closing down or are in the process of converting to residential, post-baccalaureate, four-year doctoral programs. This has created a need for master's level audiologists to further their education by becoming a doctor of audiology.

The Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) entry level program at ASHS is designed to prepare professionals to become skilled in a wide variety of diagnostic, rehabilitative, habilitative, and related areas of the profession and practice of audiology. The Au.D. at ASHS incorporates basic science education with clinical education through a combination of on-campus classes, clinical rotations, and computer-based education. Graduates will be prepared to handle the extensive scope of audiologic care, including the diagnosis and management of auditory and/or vestibular system deficits for all ages, tinnitus management, hearing conservation, and neuro-audiologic examination, as well as the management and business aspects of audiology.

The entry level degree program is a four-year post baccalaureate program that includes three years of didactic and laboratory course work and clinical experiences in addition to a 12-month full-time externship. Graduates of the program will be eligible for state licensure in audiology.