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Military Reimbursements

HPSP Contact Info and General Information

The Registrar’s Office processes reimbursements for students who are on military scholarships. All forms and receipts must be turned in for processing purposes. The Registrar’s Office will complete the forms and send the original information to the military (Navy only). Students who are on a military scholarship through the Air Force or Army are required to fill out their own paperwork and send the reimbursement directly to the Air Force or Army contact person. Also, a copy of the required book list for each quarter is available on the Registrar's website below.

If you have additional questions about the military reimbursement process, please review the information on this HPSP Powerpoint presentation and the HPSP Frequently Asked Questions.

Air Force

  • Questions? Call 800.543.3490
  • Air Force students do not turn anything into the Registrar’s Office and their forms do not require the Registrar’s signature (Navy and Army do). Air Force students must directly mail their completed forms along with receipts to the following address:

    BLDG 16 RM 120
    2275 D STREET

  • Website information at



Downloadable Reimbursement Forms

Air Force



HPSP Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my completed claim form?

Deliver, mail, or fax your claim to:

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
Office of the Registrar
800 W. Jefferson Street
Kirksville, MO  63501
Phone 660.626.2356
Fax 888.676.6701

What documentation can I provide for proof of insurance payment?

You can provide any of the following as proof of payment:

  • Copy of credit card statement
  • Copy of bank statement
  • Copy of cancelled check
  • Letter from your insurance company stating the payment amount received for the time indicated on your reimbursement

If you are claiming insurance for the first time, you will need to provide a copy of a letter or premium statement from your insurance company to document your portion of the health insurance cost.  You cannot be reimbursed for dental or vision insurance.

NOTE:  You cannot be reimbursed for insurance premiums that have not been paid, check to make sure that all months claimed are accounted for in receipts.

Can I include Sales Tax on my claim?

Yes, the Army form has a “Total Taxes for Item 13” line where you enter the total amount of sales tax.  If you are submitting the Navy form, you will need to write in “Taxes” on one of the claim lines and enter the total amount of sales tax. 

Where do I get a required book list (KCOM Students Only)?

The required book list is available from the Registrar’s Office no more than one week before the start of the new quarter.  This booklist is only to be used for reimbursement purposes.  Please refer to the KCOM Curriculum Packet, developed by Education Development and Services, for books required for all courses.

Where can I find a claim form?

You can access the claim forms from the Registrar’s webpage at:

Navy – Print off the Dean’s Certificate and Standard Form 1164

Army – Print off the Medcom Form 678-R

Why do I need to tape, not staple, my small receipts to a blank sheet of paper?

This is to make the processing of your claims easier and quicker for the Registrar’s Office and the military.  When mailing your claims to the military, having your small receipts taped to a sheet of paper ensures that they will not come off the paper and get separated from your claim form.