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CampusVue Student Portal : Accessing Your Grades : Upload Your Proof of Insurance Coverage (residential incoming students only)

Your phone and address information on file with the Registrar's Office can be updated via the CampusVue student portal. Once you're in the CampusVue student portal, click on "My Profile" then "My Information". The page that comes up will be listed under the "Personal" tab. You can make changes to your current mailing address and phone number here. The address shown under the "Personal" tab is the one used by all University departments when corresponding with you via phone or postal mail, so this should always be current. However, most correspondence with you will be via your campus email address, so it is very important that you check your account regularly. By clicking on the "Addresses" tab, you can add or edit other address information.

Do not change your campus email address. You can contact the ATSU Help Desk at to obtain instructions on configuring your campus email to forward to your personal email account.

Contract Information Illustration


Emergency Contact Information

In the event that an emergency arises which requires University personnel to make contact with someone concerning your well-being, it is important that we have the contact information on file for the individual(s) you list as your Emergency Contact. The following instructions will guide you through the process of adding/editing your Emergency Contact information, via the CampusVue student portal.

Once you are logged into the CampusVue student portal, click on "My Profile" and then "My Information". You will then click on the "Addresses" tab and select "Add a New Address" as indicated below:

Emergency Contact Instructions One


Next, click the dropdown box associated with the "Address Type" and select "Emergency Contact Information" and supply the requested information. If you are unsure of their complete mailing address, just type "unsure" in the applicable fields.

Remember to hit the "Save" button in the bottom right-hand corner. Refer to the illustration below.

*The system will allow you to add multiple Emergency Contacts.


Emergency Contact Information