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ASHS Distance - Audiology

Tuition : Payment Plan : Loans : Direct Deposit : Tuition Refund Policy

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Tuition is $7,700 for the entire program during the 2009/10 year. The tuition for this program is due two weeks before classes begin.

Payment Plan

Payment plans are available for the cost of tuition. Payments include the tuition cost plus a $175 service fee. Below is an example of a student utilizing the payment plan to pay for their tuition.

Robin wants to start the Transitional AuD program in the Fall quarter of 2009, which begins September 1, 2009. She cannot pay the full balance and wants to avoid private loans, so she opts for the payment plan.

Robin's payments would be as follows:

1) Due 8/15/2009- Tuition payment of $1,925 plus $175 service fee = $2,100

2) Due 11/15/2009- Tuition payment of $1,925

3) Due 2/15/2010-Tuition payment of $1,925

4) Due 5/15/2010- Tuition payment of $1,925

Robin's total tuition payments would add up to $7,875-which is the tuition of $7,700 + $175 service fee.


Since the program is linear in nature and has modules, none of the students enrolled are considered half-time. Therefore, Transitional AuD students are not eligible for any federal loans.

Students that will need loans may be able to find a private loan at

Direct Deposit

Many banks outside of Missouri make students wait 10 business days to tap their loan funds when deposited by check. Therefore, we require that all students use direct deposit where ATSU wires money to the student's checking account. This way, the money is available on the day it is wired to the bank.

Direct Deposit Form PDF

Tuition Refund Policy for Transitional AuD Distance Education

If a student pays tuition and withdraws from the program prior to initially logging on to a module, she/he is entitled to a refund. However, a processing fee of $250 (pre-matriculation fee) will be withheld.

If the student logs on to the first module and requests to withdraw prior to completing the module, she/he is still entitled to a tuition refund. However, a $500 ($250 pre-matriculation fee plus a $250 matriculation fee) will be withheld if the student has logged on to the first course.

Once a student has completed the first class, she/he is not eligible for any tuition refund. Extenuating circumstances may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.