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Department of Student Affairs - Student Life

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Department of Student Affairs - Student Life

Student Life fosters the academic, professional, and social development of our students through intentional programming, cultivating student leaders and leadership opportunities, and supporting registered student organizations at ATSU. The office of Student Life encourages and promotes life outside the classroom by encouraging a community of collaboration, responsibility, and respect among all community members.​

  • Events +

    • You are encouraged to get involved outside the classroom through a dynamic variety of events held on each of our residential campuses; below are links to listings of events:

      Kirksville campus events

      • ATSU community members on the Kirksville, Missouri campus may access a list of events by logging into Engage with their ATSU credentials.

      Mesa and Santa Maria campus events

      • ATSU community members on the Mesa, Arizona campus may access a list of events by logging into Engage with their ATSU credentials.

  • University Events +

    • Orientation

      The office of Student Life coordinates New Student Orientation for all residential based programs to help assist in the transition to the graduate health sciences experience. Through intentional program design students will get a holistic introduction to resources and opportunities available to all students to have a successful and transformative experience at ATSU.

      Please note: more specific information will be disseminated via e-communication to accepted student’s official ATSU account.

      White Coat

      The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage and celebrates milestones in one's academic achievement. For some programs it marks the beginning of their academic pursuits. For others it signifies the next chapter of their training as they enter clinical years. Regardless of the transition it marks it is a time for celebration and acknowledgement of the importance of wearing a white coat in our society.

      During the ceremony, a white coat is placed on each student’s shoulders and an oath is recited, signifying one's entrance into the profession.


      The moment our students have been working for since new student orientation is their commencement ceremony. The ceremony is the culminating moment in which our students are awarded their given degree, welcomed into the University alumni family, and are formally recognized as the newest practitioners of healthcare.

      For details regarding the upcoming commencement ceremonies, please visit:

  • Housing +

    • ATSU partners with College Pads to provide students relocating to California, Missouri and Arizona with vetted nearby housing options. ATSU Housing Marketplace helps students make safe, informed renting decisions by providing a central place to view property listings from reputable property owners and managers.

      The roommate portal provides a safe way to connect with other students looking for a place to live and is secured by your ATSU login credentials. Be sure to explore the marketplace where students from all programs post furniture or other household items to buy/sell/trade with other ATSU students.

      Renter education videos and quiz modules are available to help students better understand the rental process, including training on how to review lease documents. To learn more, visit or contact Student Life at