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PT program holds workshop

Julie Tilson, P.T., D.P.T, M.S., N.C.S

The Physical Therapy program sponsored a workshop entitled, “From Classroom to Clinic: How to Teach Evidence Based Physical Therapist Practice” on the Arizona campus Oct. 14-15.

Julie Tilson, P.T., D.P.T, M.S., N.C.S, assistant professor of clinical physical therapy at the University of Southern California, was the guest speaker for both days. Dr. Tilson is a leader in the international evidence-based practice (EBP) community and is a faculty member at the University of Oxford’s Center for Evidence Based Medicine.

Participants for the workshop included 40 residential and adjunct PT faculty members as well as clinical instructors who work with ATSU’s PT students.

“There were very dynamic discussions and the workshop served to inform everyone’s understanding of evidence-based practice,” says Pam Bosch, P.T., Ph.D., associate professor, physical therapy. “The workshop also offered our clinical instructors guidelines for assisting students with answering real, clinical questions that inform their decisions about interventions for patients.”


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