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President delivers University update

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ATSU President Jack Magruder welcomed faculty and staff to the University update held Feb. 8 on the Mesa, Ariz., campus. The presentation focused on the status of ATSU and its future initiatives, followed by a question and answer session.

Dr. Magruder highlighted some of this past year’s accomplishments, which included organizational achievements, strategic initiatives, and the new mission and vision for ATSU.

“ATSU has made several important structural changes in order to become more of a cohesive unit – one university moving in one direction,” said Dr. Magruder.

One of the structural changes included a new position of Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. For the first time at ATSU, all academic areas are in one unit led by Douglas Wood, D.O., Ph.D., senior vice president, academic affairs.  Dr. Magruder cited this as “one of the most significant changes that we have made for our University, and it is central to our future.”

Another mentioned organizational achievement to help “universitize” ATSU was the establishment of a University Faculty Senate, a University Student Association, and an enhanced ATSU Alumni Association. Each of these has representation from both the Missouri and Arizona campuses.

Dr. Magruder recognized the University Strategic Planning Committee, which has completed a five-year strategic plan for ATSU that will guide its future development and direction, another major achievement for 2010.

In addition to ATSU being granted full accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, individual schools and programs were also mentioned in reference to their accomplishments and accreditation.

Some additional cited initiatives included the possible expansion of the ASDOH dental program in Kirksville and/or San Diego and a facilities study focusing on the need for space, technology, and faculty scholarships.

To conclude the update, Dr. Magruder reinforced ATSU’s vision of being the pre-eminent University for the health sciences professions.

“I believe that with each one of us committed to our mission, we can together make this vision a reality,” said Dr. Magruder. “We each have a part in improving the health and wellness of individuals by preparing highly competent and compassionate healthcare professionals to serve the underserved.”


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