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November 2022 from the library director

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooling down of the weather on all of our campuses across California, Arizona, and Missouri. I know the library is supporting you in your teaching and research needs. We have new staff on the Arizona campus, so please let me introduce you to all our liaisons.

Laura Lipke supports KCOM and CGHS-DNP.

Maud Mundava supports MOSDOH and CGHS (all programs but DNP).

Hal Bright supports ASDOH (SOMA and ASHS until Nov. 1, 2022).

CJ Garcia supports ASHS-AT and PA.

Leslie Golamb will be supporting SOMA and ASHS-OT, PT, and Aud/SLP starting Nov. 1, 2022.

In the Fall, I like to highlight our exam preparation resources to our faculty and staff. Our library guide on ExamPrep/Case Studies highlights exam preparation resources for almost every discipline taught at our from dentistry to physical therapy. The library guide has each exam listed on the left hand menu. Our three largest providers of exam prep, ExamMaster, Board Vitals and LWW are highlighted on the front page and resources for each exam are listed on the tab for each exam like COMLEX or PANCE, etc. We also link to the individual pages from each of the discipline’s library toolkits (ASDOH and MOSDOH link to the INDBE exam page, for example). If your program pays for any exam prep resources, we can also include those on our library guide as well.

Please link to your discipline’s Exam Prep Library Guide page in different access points for your students to access; your internal program page, your Canvas course pages, or even in your social media links if you have facebook or twitter. Send them out to students when you think they should start studying for their exams.

To get your link, or any other library resource, please email your liaison librarian above.


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