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Library liaison services for faculty

The A.T. Still Memorial Library liaison program facilitates partnerships and communication between the library and ATSU’s colleges, schools, departments, and programs across all campuses to support teaching, learning, research, and clinical care. With the liaison program, library resources, services, and personnel are tailored to the specific needs of ATSU’s faculty,  students, clinicians, and staff. 


Who is your liaison?

Each college, school, department, and program has been assigned a librarian who serves as the first point of contact for personalized help regarding library resources and services. The liaisons’ contact information is available on the Liaison Services page of the website.

What can liaisons do for you?
Liaisons are responsible for a variety of duties including library instruction, orientation, marketing, outreach, one-on-one research support for faculty and students, and selection of resources customized to your needs.

What can make the library liaison successful?

Resource selection: Partnering in selecting resources that are evidence-based and curriculum-centered. Participate in database trials and provide feedback.


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