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ATSU-ASHS DPT program hosts award ceremony for class of 2024

The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at A.T. Still University-Arizona School of Health Sciences (ATSU-ASHS) celebrated the achievements of its class of 2024 with an awards ceremony on Thursday, June 6, in Mesa, Arizona.

Awards presented include:

Outstanding Applied Research Capstone: Wesley Desrosier, DPT, ’24, Allyson Binghman, DPT, ’24, Lyndsey Weiler, DPT, ’24, Madeleine Ansel, DPT, ’24, and Madeline Mehciz, DPT, ’24, for “Vital are vital: a qualitative methodology study,” mentored by Jessica Hayes, PT, DPT, assistant professor, and Cheri Hodges, PT, DPT, associate professor.

Clinical Education Excellence Award: Brandon VanOosten, DPT, ’24, and Dylan Shuler, DPT, ’24.

Academic Achievement (top 10% GPA of the class): Anna Knutson, DPT, ’24, Catherine Goodson, DPT, ’24, Kyla Quintanilla, DPT, ’24, Lauren Parish, DPT, ’24, and Lyndsey Weiler, DPT, ’24.

Academic Achievement (4.0 GPA): Michelle Ogle, DPT, ’24.

Professionalism in Physical Therapy Award: Maddie Ansel, DPT, ’24, and Marissa Brown, DPT, ’24.

Perseverance Award: Nathan Hughes, DPT, ’24.

ATSU Mission Award: Sylvana Soberon, DPT, ’24.

OT/PT Clinic Pro Bono National Honor Society: Maddie Ansel, DPT, ’24, Kelsey Haddock, DPT, ’24, Anna Knutson, DPT, ’24, Michayla Lambach, DPT, ’24, and Jammil Watan, DPT, ’24. 

OT/PT Clinic Outstanding Clinical Involvement: Brandon Coombs, DPT, ’24, Cheyenne Koki, DPT, ’24, Lauren Parish, DPT, ’24, Catherine Goodson, DPT, ’24, Kara Behr, DPT, ’24, Sterling Swan, DPT, ’24, and Lyndsey Weiler, DPT, ’24.

National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society: Madeleine Ansel, DPT, ’24, and Taylor Stortz, DPT, ’24.

Clinical Education Site of the Year Award: Gila River Health Care

Clinical Educator of the Year Award: Ryan Niedzielko, DPT.

Honorable mention for Outstanding Applied Research Capstone: Marissa Brown, DPT, ’24, Brandon Wishman, DPT, ’24, Cassidy Wagner, DPT, ’24, and Hanna Guterman, DPT, ’24, for “High Intensity Gait Training During Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation,” mentored by Virginia Little, PhD, MS, director of research, associate professor. 

Perrys Passion for Service Award: Taylor Knudson, DPT, ’24.

Mason Vig Scholarship Award: Ryan McNallan, DPT, ’24.


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