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Behavioral Health and Wellness

Welcome to A.T. Still University's (ATSU) behavioral health and wellness resources, where students learn the value of balancing rigorous academics with the other areas of their lives and are provided with resources that help them reach their full potential. Behavioral health and wellness offers individual counseling, as well as referral and consultation services for residential students. Online students may refer to a list of national resources and referral information for mental health/substance use counseling as well as intimate partner violence.

If you or someone you know is in a crisis and need an immediate response, contact the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 or dial 911 for Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Residential students resources

Services for residential students

Services are provided free of charge for ATSU students in KCOM, MOSDOH, ASHS, ASDOH, SOMA, or CCPA programs with on-site requirements. Counseling is a confidential service. Anything you say to a counselor and/or the fact that you used this service will not be disclosed to outside parties without your consent, within legal and ethical limitations. No information about counseling goes on your academic record. Behavioral health and wellness counseling can also assist students in locating resources and other services specific to their needs available on campus or, when off campus, in their communities.

ATSU counselors adhere to the ethical code of the American Counseling Association or the National Association of Social Workers depending on each counselor's license and professional association.


Residential students create your FREE account:

  1. Visit or download the TimelyCare app
  2. Click “Sign In”
  3. Create your profile using your school email
  4. Follow the prompts to start your first visit

Timely Care at ATSU provides virtual care from anywhere. Get support for free:

  • 24/7 Mental health support
  • 24/7 on-demand and scheduled medical visits
  • Schedule virtual health coaching
  • Scheduled counseling (up to 12 visits per year)
  • Digital self care content to include yoga, guided meditation, and more.
  • Timely Care 24/7 Customer Service and Faculty Support Line: 833-4-TIMELY

On-campus Counseling

Missouri campus

  • Mental health emergency: 988 or 800.356.5395 or visit Mark Twain Behavioral Health
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (other times as arranged)
  • Location: Gutensohn Osteopathic Health and Wellness Clinic, room 304

Sarah Thomas, EdD, MSW, LCSW
Director, Behavioral Health and Wellness
Phone: 660.626.2751

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Thomas Barhorst, MA, LPC
Behavioral Health & Wellness Counselor
Phone: 660.626.2138

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Arizona campus

Desirai Browning, MAS, LAMFT
Behavioral Health and Wellness Counselor
Phone: 480.219.6170

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Karen Taylor, MS, LPC, NCC
Behavioral Health and Wellness Counselor
Phone: 480.265.8069

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Sarah Thomas, EdD, MSW, LCSW
Director, Behavioral Health and Wellness
Phone: 660.626.2751

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California campus

Mental health emergency: 988 or 888.868.1649 County of Santa Barbara-Santa Maria
Behavioral Wellness 24-hour crisis line

Karen Taylor, MS, LPC
Behavioral Health and Wellness Counselor
Phone: 480.265.8069

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24/7 Talk Now
Scheduled Counseling (up to 12 visits per year)

Online students resources

Services for online students

Online students (CGHS and ASHS online programs) are encouraged to utilize their health insurance benefits or their employer's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), if available.

Additional wellness and safety resources for online students.

Learn more about health insurance options.

ATSU Care Team

The Care (Campus Assessment Response and Education) Team is committed to assisting ATSU students in navigating their journey at ATSU. Our goal is to join students in tackling challenges so they do not feel alone in the process.

The Care Team provides one-on-one support, advocacy, referrals, and follow-up services when ATSU students are experiencing significant difficulties related to mental health, physical health, personal and family emergencies, financial issues, or other areas of concern.

Team goals:

  • Support a healthy environment for university community members.
  • Identify, assess, and intervene with students who are struggling or who demonstrate concerning or threatening behavior.
  • Provide support and resources to ATSU faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about an ATSU student.

Submit a Care Team Referral

ATSU Care Manager:
Jessica Jones, MS, CHES©, CHW
800 W. Jefferson St. | Kirksville, MO 63501
P: 660-626-2156
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Still-Well Student Wellness Program

ATSU provides students with a caring, nurturing environment in which to learn, live, and thrive. The Still-Well Student Wellness Program is designed to encourage students' health and wellness throughout their educational experience, enabling them to reach their maximum potential in body, mind, and spirit.

The founder of osteopathic medicine and our university, A.T. Still, DO, believed that an active body helped nurture an inquisitive and informed mind. Named after Dr. Still, Still-Well was founded in 1991 and is one of the most extensive and successful wellness programs among U.S. graduate schools. True to Dr. Still's philosophy, this holistic approach to health care is distinctive of ATSU.

An important concept of the Still-Well philosophy is to practice and promote a healthy lifestyle. Students first must understand and integrate wellness practices into their own lives. Wellness at ATSU is defined as a balance of intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and environmental development.

  • What is the Still-Well Student Wellness Program?

    • The Still-Well Student Wellness Program uses the distinctive osteopathic philosophy of holistic medicine to encourage students to be mindful of their wellness and health throughout their academic studies at ATSU. In addition, it provides an atmosphere in which students can reach their maximum potential in mind, body, and spirit.

  • What are the components of the Still-Well Student Wellness Program?

    • Wellness promotes an optimal physical and mental wellbeing, a preventative way of living that reduces the need for remedies. The Still-Well program is designed to encourage students’ health and wellness throughout their educational experience.

      The Wellness Model is composed of six developmental areas:

      • Physical
      • Environmental
      • Social
      • Intellectual
      • Spiritual
      • Emotional

      The Still-Well program incorporates all six of these areas to encourage developmental balance. Throughout the academic year, Still-Well offers several activities and events for students to engage with their community and improve their overall wellbeing.

On-campus fitness facilities

ATSU is proud to offer students several on-campus options for developing their physical wellness. Whether studying at our Kirksville, MO, our Mesa, AZ, or our Santa Maria, CA campus, the ATSU community can anticipate dedicated access to fitness facilities to stay active and get social.

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