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Whoa, baby!

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy departments host annual baby lab

On Friday, Aug. 17, ATSU-ASHS’ Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy departments joined together to host an annual baby lab on the Mesa, Arizona, campus. The lab taught students about normal development of babies ages 0-24 months in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Students worked in small groups, observing movements of the babies in different positions. The youngest babies were observed lying on their tummies or backs, while the ones who could crawl and walk were observed playing with toys placed around the room.

“The baby lab is an excellent opportunity for students to observe the developmental changes that happen in infancy,” says Deanne Fay, PT, DPT, MS, PCS, professor, physical therapy. “By combining physical and occupational therapy students into the same lab, students gained the additional benefit of seeing different developmental presentations from the perspective of the other discipline.”


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