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Two ATSU-ASHS students receive IATS scholarships

On June 2, two students in A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Health Sciences (ATSU-ASHS) received the two 2017 Iowa Athletic Trainers Society (IATS) Graduate Scholarships.

First-year master of science in athletic training student Rachel Reimann completed her undergraduate athletic training degree at Luther College this May.

Second-year doctor of athletic training student, Kris Agena is also the Clinical Education Coordinator of the Athletic Training Program at Luther College.

Both students received $500 toward their tuition, and recognition for their personal, professional, and academic achievements shown through their dedication to the athletic training profession.

“I feel so fortunate and accomplished in being awarded the IATS graduate scholarship,” Reimann says. “It will help me continue my education at ATSU and work to become a better clinician.”

The IATS Honors and Awards committee, who considers a student’s outstanding academic performance, community service, professional goals and development, and post-graduation plans, determines the recipients for the scholarships.


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