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Recent books from ATSU alumni

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book cover

The Parents’ Guide to Youth Tennis “Your Map & Compass” Vol. 1 & 2
By Lancer Gates, DO, ’96
Independently published, February 2022

Dr. Gates navigates, informs, and entertains as he weaves threads of humor from personal experiences into a tennis tapestry. Volume 1 describes parenting roles and selecting a tennis club and instructor(s), as well as how to sign up, prepare for, and succeed at tournaments. It also highlights the Universal Tennis Rating and sportsmanship. Volume 2 addresses the high school tennis experience and college recruiting process, along with injuries, footwork, strokes, strategy, and making tennis more affordable.

MSK for PCPs: An evidence-based clinical reference text for common musculoskeletal presentations
By Malinda Hansen, DO, MS, CAQSM, ’15, ATSU-SOMA
Mill City Press Inc., June 2023

Written for those in primary care, Dr. Hansen compiled a 100% evidence-based clinical reference guide of musculoskeletal exams and algorithms for workup. Flow charts help navigate which pathologies may be most likely for common clinical presentations, and the table of contents directs readers to differential diagnoses, provocative exams, workup, and nonoperative and operative considerations. With only information and algorithms found in the literature, readers have decision-making autonomy with solid references to the management necessary for each clinical presentation.

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