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Student Publications

With the guidance and advocacy from the AT program faculty, several students submitted works for publication this year. Below is a list of publications that have been published or are in review.

Kay MC, Weber ML, Valovich McLeod TC. Assessment, management, and knowledge of sport-related concussion. NATAnews. June 2014: 36-38.

Kay MC, Welch CE, Valovich McLeod TC. Positive and negative factors that influence concussion reporting among secondary school athletes. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2014 Jan 21. (Epub ahead of print). PMID: 24458373.                                    

Harshbarger ND, Eppelheimer BL, Valovich McLeod TC, Welch McCarty C. The effectiveness of shoulder stretching and joint mobilizations on posterior shoulder tightness. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2013;22:313-9.

Cozzi AL, Dunn KL, Harding JL, Valovich McLeod TC, Welch CE. Kinesiophobia following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction among physically active individuals. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. [In Review] #JSR-2014-0196.

Markbreiter JG, Sagon BK, Valovich McLeod TC, Welch CE. Clinician scoring of the landing error scoring system is reliable to assess jump-landing movement patterns. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. [In Review]

Minthorn LM, Fayson SD, Stobierski LM, Welch CE, Anderson BE. An individualized training program can improve functional movement patterns among adults. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. [In Review]

Stobierksi LM, Fayson SD, Minthorn LM, Valovich McLeod TC, Welch CE. Clinician scoring of the functional movement screen is reliable to assess movement patterns. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. [In Review]



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