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Student Academy of Audiology conducting October custom earplug fundraiser

The ATSU-ASHS Audiology program is conducting their annual earmold fundraiser through October. From a custom Bluetooth headset to MP3 earbuds to earplugs for swimming, musicians, hunters and even dental students, there is a made-to-fit earmold for every purpose and need.

Material choices depend on application, and include soft Ultraflex in clear or flesh-tone, high-strength soft silicone and hard Lucite. Some silicone and Lucite earmolds are available in solid or swirled colors, depending on application.

Prices range from $58 for a Lucite Bluetooth earmold to $130 for high-strength silicone musician earplugs. Earmold fittings take place on the ATSU Arizona campus 5850 building with drop-in hours Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout October, or Fridays by appointment throughout October. See drop-in schedule below, or contact Krystal Hulleman for additional information.

ATSU-ASHS Audiology fundraiser earbud fitting drop-in schedule (through October)
11am – 1pm, Supersition
3pm – 5pm, Yucca

8am – 9:15am, Yucca
Noon – 1pm, Yucca

Noon – 2pm, Yucca

Sonic Valve earplugs (soft Ultraflex, $110, or high-strength silicone, $115)
Provides comfortable protection for loud environments.

Musicians earplugs (soft Ultraflex, $115, or high-strength silicone, $130)
Choice of 9 dB, 15 dB or 25 dB filters (extra filter set, $40; filter only, $50)
Great choice for anyone who needs to hear accurately in high noise environments

Soundplugs earplugs (high-strength silicone, $85, up to 3 colors swirled)
A solid earplug that allows for basic verbal communication while lowering the overall noise level.

Floatable swimmer earplugs (hydrophobic silicone, $78 for single color, or $84 for two swirled colors)
Custom-made waterproof swim plugs offer superior protection and comfort.

High-frequency Hocks noise filters earplugs (high-strength silicone, $105 single color)
Hocks Noise Bracker lets air and sound through in a safe, effective way.

Sleeping earplugs (high-strength silicone, $85)
A complement to a perfect night’s rest; includes a pull string for easy removal.

Custom MP3 earbuds (hard Lucite, $95, or high-strength silicone, $110)
Optimizes sound quality of MP3 music players.

TUNZ custom mini monitors earbuds (high-strength silicone, $115)
Enjoy amazing sound quality with these sound-isolating earbud headphones.

Single custom Bluetooth earmold (Lucite, est. $58, or high-strength silicone, $75)
Contact Krystal Hulleman for list of compatible Bluetooth devices.


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