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PT students learn benefits of aquatic therapy

2013-05-20_PT-Aquatics-Lab_73 Physical therapy students from the class of 2015 attended an aquatics lab hosted by the Ross Farnsworth East Valley YMCA on May 20. Sixty-two students learned a variety of techniques that are commonly used in physical therapy, and how to to treat a patient that may benefit from being in an aquatic environment compared to land.

Patients that have incurred a stroke or an orthopedic surgery often do better in an aquatic environment as it lends to ease of movement in the water. “The water environment is beneficial for many types of patients throughout the lifespan, so our physical therapy students need to know how to work with patients with neurological and orthopedic conditions as well as cardiovascular compromised patients while in the pool,” said John Heick, PT,DPT, OCS, associate professor, physical therapy.



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