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OT class of 2010 celebrates pinning, awards

Third-year residential occupational therapy students had a full day of events in September in preparation for their graduation from the 28-month program early next year.

The day started early with students presenting their group research projects. At noon, OT students mingled with physical therapy students at a joint job fair in the learning resource center sponsored by alumni services. Then at 1 p.m., 26 third-year students gathered for a pinning and awards luncheon.

According to Bernadette Mineo, Ph.D., OTR/L, chair of the department of occupational therapy, the luncheon isn’t a formal affair, but rather an opportunity to send students off to their clinical rotations, celebrate their accomplishments, and have a little fun.

“Our students get very close to each other and to the faculty,” Dr. Mineo said. “We like to celebrate those friendships and remember some of the good times they’ve had during their educational journey at ATSU.”

Award winners included Melinda Waszuk, OT ’10, Leadership Award; Valerie Scheer, OT ’10, Melinda Waszuk, OT ’10, and Melissa Puzzella, OT ’10, OT Program Development Award; Tonya Doty, OT ’10, Spirit of OT Award; and Tonya Doty, OT ’10, and Michelle Scott, OT ’10, Comedian Award.

Third-year OT students, who walked in the ASHS graduation ceremony in August, have an additional three-month clinical rotation to complete before officially graduating from the program Jan. 15, 2010.


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