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November 2020 TLC teaching tip: How can mobile devices be used in education?

Mobile learning, or m-learning, is a term to describe when mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are used as learning tools in an educational setting (Davison & Lazaros, 2015). Mobile learning is flexible in that it can be used for just-in-time learning, and is not limited to a specific environment or context (Crompton and Burke, 2018; Martin and Ertzberger, 2013). The portable nature and prevalence of these devices creates enormous potential to harness this technology to improve student learning. 

What are some examples? 

If you would like to learn more about mobile learning and how this technology can be employed in an educational setting check out the following articles below. 

Crompton, H., & Burke, D. (2018). The use of mobile learning in higher education: A systematic review. Computers & Education, 123, 53–64.

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Martin, F., & Ertzberger, J. (2013). Here and now mobile learning: An experimental study on the use of mobile technology. Computers & Education, 68, 76–85.

Pimmer, C., Mateescu, M., & Gröhbiel, U. (2016). Mobile and ubiquitous learning in higher education settings. A systematic review of empirical studies. Computers in Human Behavior, 63, 490–501.


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