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New library website: New and updated hubs

Writing & citation hub

screenshot of writing & citation hub from the A.T. Still Memorial Library

One of the key areas that the library supports is writing: both academic writing and writing for publication. While we do not offer tutoring or editing aid (see the University writing center for that), we often get questions about different aspects of writing and provide a number of different resources that are useful for it. The new writing hub pulls together all of the resources and tutorial guides that we offer into one access point for the convenience of all of the A.T. Still University community. You can now find a link to it in the third box down on the new homepage design of the library site.

The writing hub includes these tutorial guides; some new, some updated, and all useful:

Additions to the research hub

screenshot of research hub from the A.T. Still Memorial Library

The library’s research hub has some exciting additions. Expanding beyond research data management, there is now valuable information available for other aspects of research. Library staff are available to support you by designing search strategies for research or assist with various research tools. Our research tool support includes getting started with Qualtrics, creating your own LibGuide, or organizing citations with a citation manager. Our research librarians specialize in many disciplines. You can find the librarian for your specialty in our contact information, located on the research hub.

When there is a need for help beyond the library’s capabilities, there are other research units available to assist. You can find links to the other units on the research hub. Check out the description to pinpoint who may be the best to assist you. If you aren’t sure, contact the library and we can point you in the right direction.

The research hub includes these tutorial guides; some new, some updated, and all useful:


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