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New library website design

The A.T. Still Memorial Library is delighted to announce the release of its new site design and structure. A large number of A.T. Still University staff have worked together to develop a more contemporary and more accessible face for the library’s homepage. The library greatly appreciates the input and work of all of the staff from the library, information technology services, and communication & marketing who contributed to this project.

We hope that you will find the structure of the new pages simpler to navigate and more conducive to finding resources and information. The new design is consistent with current library design trends, and should be comfortable for students with recent university library experience. We hope that it will also highlight and better provide access to our most sought resources — writing and research tools — as well as to library news and events.

Key points:

Expect additional stories both in this and future release of the library newsletter to find out more detailed information about these new and expanded services.

We want your feedback on the new design! We want to find any errors, anything we should consider adding in the future, and to find out what you like about the new design. Please visit the site, and take our very brief feedback survey to tell us what you think.  And of course, your liaison librarian would be delighted to hear about your views on this.


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