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New and updated LibGuides: February 2019

The A.T. Still Memorial Library at A.T. Still University (ATSU) has many library guides designed to help students and faculty with their research needs. We’ve been busy creating several new guides and updating existing guides to better support the university while the majority of our in-person services continue to remain suspended due to COVID-19. Please check out the new content we’ve created, and if you’d like to see all of the guides we have available you can visit our topics and tutorials index

Newly created guides:

Leadership development
Leadership in the field of healthcare is vital to building a high-quality patient experience, and several studies suggest it is best to begin preparing future medical professionals for the management, communication, and critical thinking leadership roles they will be expected to assume in the healthcare system as early as possible. Gathered on this guide are resources all available through the A.T. Still Memorial Library ranging from popular, basic leadership information, to more detailed resources for the fields of education and medicine. 

Gray literature
Gray literature provides access to research of many clinical trials that have not yet been published or may go unpublished due to no or negative effects. While not peer-reviewed, Gray literature can provide unbiased sources for literature and systematic reviews, as well as sources of current research. ATSU librarians have developed a LibGuide to answer all of the questions you may have regarding Gray literature. This guide defines Gray literature and provides links to its sources, provides evidence of why and when it should be used, how to document its use and how to cite the sources used. Please feel free to contact ATSU librarians for any additional questions regarding Gray literature.

Diversity and social justice
This guide was created as a place for students, faculty, and staff to discover a multitude of resources on the topics of race/racism, the LGBTQ community, social medicine, social justice, health equity/equality, and other vital subjects medical professionals may need to expand their knowledge of to best serve the communities they interact with.

The content of this guide will be updated consistently as new resources are acquired or suggested, so please visit often. 

ATSU-KCOM library liaison services
ATSU library liaisons provide in-depth information services to all students, faculty and staff. These services are extensive and cover research, instruction and student assistance. To provide a full description of these services, the ATSU-KCOM liaison librarian has created a LibGuide for your reference.

Systematic reviews
The systematic reviews guide explains the process of conducting a systematic review. Helpful resources are provided for each step, along with tips and tutorials on advanced searching. This is a great starting point for any group considering conducting a systematic review.

Literature reviews
The literature reviews guide covers the various types of literature reviews.  A few popular review types are highlighted with an overview of their process and tutorials on doing them.  Example articles of each review type show the final product and provide strategies other researchers have used.  People wanting to conduct a type of literature review, but unaware of the differences should review this guide to select the proper review type for their project.

Updated Guides:
3D printing
3D Print Shop Manager Deb Lougda-Summers has recently updated the lists of resources for finding and creating 3D printing files. Check out download 3D STL files and create 3D STL files to see what’s new! To request a 3D printed model, please reach out to Lougda-Summers at

Predatory publishing
A list of journal recommendations was compiled to help people select a journal when getting ready for publication. This list is not exhaustive, but is a good starting point.  For personalized recommendations, please reach out to your liaison librarian with a brief overview of your project. A list of four or five journals with necessary author information will be provided.

The following guides have had their structures revised and their content expanded: ATSU-MOSDOH dentistry, health professions education, kinesiology, health administration, public health, graduate nursing toolkit, academic writing, and library research FAQ. A new subguide focus for public health – emergency preparedness & disaster response has also been added. 


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