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MO library staff news

The library proffers congratulations to Debra Loguda-Summers, 3-D print and work-study manager, who applied and received two monetary awards for the Missouri branch library. Included is a brief description of each award.

KOAA/KCOM Education Program Fund, $2,837.20. The library plans to use this fund to purchase five new anatomical teaching and study tools: Somso premium female skeleton; five-part eyeball anatomy model; four-part human skull with facial musculature; a human dental skull model with open mandible exposing tooth roots, vessels, and nerves; and a half-human skeleton and disarticulated half-human skeleton with loosely articulated hand and foot model. The goal of the library is to enrich the osteopathic medical and dental student ability to care for their patients. Objectives: 1) expand the representations of human anatomy model resources and 2) increase faculty and student utilization of anatomy models available in the Missouri campus library.

AAOA SPECIAL PROJECTS $3,000 is the maximum award available. Debra Loguda-Summers received notification Oct. 27 from Lawrence Cunningham, Director of Affiliate Affairs at the American Osteopathic Association, that the Missouri branch library had received the grant for anatomical models.

Susan Swogger, MLIS, liaison librarian, held a Coffee Chat teaching session on “Board Exam Prep Resources from the ATSM Library,” held in the Swofford Computer Lab at the Missouri branch library. Six students attended. This begins a series of regular brief Coffee Chat sessions to focus on library resources and skills; requests for topics are invited. For more information, contact


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