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Message from the Chancellor

Greetings, ATSU students, faculty, and staff,

Voting information, communicating with the president, and ATSU News are reviewed below.

Election Day is just around the corner, and ATSU is proud to support faculty and staff voting rights. Thank you for supporting and respecting each other pre- and post-election. If questions or concerns arise regarding voting privileges for faculty and staff, please contact Human Resources.

Q. Do I get paid time-off to vote?
A. Yes, per Policy 90-321 Voting Privileges of ATSU Employees, all full-time employees are permitted to take paid leave during work time in order to vote in any election. Please check with your supervisor to coordinate a time.

Q. How may I communicate with ATSU‘s president?
A. You may communicate via email, drop-in, in-person one on one, open forums, Zoom, ATSU’s Idea Box, and yes, traditional phone calls. For scheduling a call or visit, please email or call 660.626.2391 or 480.219.6010.

Q. How do I know what’s going on at ATSU?
A. Check “ATSU News” located on the University’s home page or reach out to your supervisor or respective vice president.

Yours in service,

Craig M. Phelps, DO


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