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KOAA award recipients

Sue Magruder honored

A.T. Still University’s Kirksville Osteopathic Alumni Association (KOAA) Board of Directors presented its legendary awards on November 1 at the annual KOAA Luncheon and Assembly meeting. It was held in conjunction with the American Osteopathic Association Convention in Orlando, Fla.

Sue Magruder, M.A., of Kirksville, Mo., received an Honorary KOAA Membership. Magruder has been an educator or involved with higher education since receiving her B.S.E. from Truman State University in 1955, where she met and married her husband, Jack Magruder, ATSU president. She has taught at the Kirksville elementary schools as well as Truman State University, and supervised student teachers in Missouri and Iowa. Sue says she admires the KCOM alumni and students for how the older generations take care of the younger ones.

“That is so important, and it may be that this profession, more than any other, depends on that in order to keep the standards high and the knowledge sharp, and because of that, to have them offer me an honorary membership just means double or triple,” said Sue.

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