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First and foremost

ATSU-CHC 2023 graduates Daniel Mai, Jonathan Castro, and Matthew Chan

Every year at ATSU is exciting and special, and this year was no exception. Our newest college, ATSU’s College for Healthy Communities, celebrated an important milestone, graduating its inaugural class of
88 physician assistants (PAs). The ceremony, featured on Page 10, was a momentous occasion for ATSU, symbolizing years of effort to establish ATSU’s presence on the California coast and further the University’s mission of educating highly competent professionals focused on whole person healthcare.

These new PAs, along with additional recent graduates of ATSU, join an alumni base dedicated to improving care in their communities through innovation, teaching, research, and service. Some of these alumni and their stories are highlighted in this issue: Zeshaun Mirza, MS, ATC, CES, ’11, on Page 30, Taylor Velasquez, DMD, MPH, ’19, on Page 34, Romana Muller, EdD, MSDH, RDH, ’22, on Page 38, and Danielle Barnett-Trapp, DO, ’11, on Page 58.

Additionally, ATSU has outstanding students who are dedicated to becoming the best healthcare professionals possible. One such student is fourth-year ATSU-KCOM student Michael Megafu, who was named the National Student Doctor of the Year by the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. Read more about his story on Page 42.

ATSU’s first priority has been and will always be the education of its students. Faculty and staff in all areas of the University work tirelessly to provide a high-quality educational experience and ensure student success. Through their dedication and the support of alumni and friends, ATSU continues to graduate healthcare professionals who are better prepared to address healthcare challenges facing our communities and our country.

Yours in service,

Craig M. Phelps, DO, ’84, president


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