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Far from home, osteopathic medicine student loves community, environment at ATSU-KCOM

Madeline Feyrer-Melk, ATSU-KCOM student

Madeline Feyrer-Melk, OMS II, did her homework before deciding to move halfway across the country from Fountain Hills, Arizona, to Kirksville, Missouri, to attend A.T. Still University’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM).

“I first looked at ATSU-KCOM because of the numbers – great board passing rates and residency placements – and the clinical rotation site in Arizona,” Feyrer-Melk said, “and then I chose ATSU-KCOM because it seemed like a very supportive environment to do medical school in, and the education is structured in a way I knew I would fit very well with.”

ATSU-KCOM has lived up to her expectations, and more.

“I love the community here,” Feyrer-Melk said. “I’ve always felt supported from other students, from my own class and from the class above me, that has made medical school so much better than what I’d expect a super competitive atmosphere to be like.”

Feyrer-Melk, who has a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Azusa Pacific University, has been an active student at KCOM, serving as a student ambassador, president of Osteoblasters, secretary of the Lifestyle Medicine Club, and member of Still Caring Health Connection, Point of Care Ultrasound Society, and the Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine clubs.

“I’m most involved in Osteoblasters, Lifestyle Medicine, and Still Caring,” she said. “I love Osteoblasters because it holds me accountable to working out throughout the craziness of medical school, and it’s a good social time with my friends while we’re working out. Lifestyle Medicine is great because I’d love to incorporate it into my future practice, and especially being an osteopathic physician it will align perfectly with the ‘body, mind, spirit’ aspect of patient care. I love Still Caring because of all the volunteer opportunities I’ve had through the club, like a health education night for a local treatment court program, a free clinic for local residents who are unemployed or under-employed, and a free clinic for the Amish community just south of Kirksville.”

In her free time, Feyrer-Melk enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and country swing and line dancing. 

Post-graduation, Feyrer-Melk isn’t quite set yet on a specialization, but believes she’d like to have her own practice.

“I think ATSU-KCOM is providing me with the knowledge I need in laying the groundwork for everything I’ll solidify in clinicals next year, especially with the early patient encounters through standardized patients, volunteering with clubs, the clinical experiences course, and the human patient simulation labs.”


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