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Fall 2020 from the university librarian

We are almost to the end of our fall semester and the weather is turning cooler.  As you prepare for exams, get ready for your next rotation, or prepare for your next semester of classes, know that even though our physical spaces remain closed, all our resources available to support you in your education and research needs.  These resources are also available for you to study over the winter break!

Our exam prep page will help your students prepare for your licensing exams. Our program toolkit pages have all the subjects that students need to study for their subject area exams!

Along with most of the University, our staff will be enjoying the holidays and not performing their normal duties, which means document request services will be closed for two weeks, so get your requests in by Dec. 10 so that can be filled before the break.   

Lastly, the library has put together our year in review for 2019-20

Have a great holiday season!


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