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Dr. Fay accepted to International Classifier Programme

Dr. Fay

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has accepted from the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) the nomination of Deanne Fay, PT, DPT, ’07, MS, PCS, associate professor and director of curriculum, ATSU physical therapy department, to attend the International Classifier Programme in Sao Paulo, Brazil in late April 2014. The USOC selected Dr. Fay and one other individual to attend training to become International Classifiers for Paralympic track and field events.

Dr. Fay has been a Classifier for the US Paralympics for more than 15 years. A Classifier does assessment of athletes to determine the category they will compete in. “It is similar to how we categorize wrestlers by weight category, but in this case, the athletes are categorized into groups of individuals with similar level of ability/disability,” said Dr. Fay. “As a classifier, I perform the assessment of the athlete and determine which class (there are several for each sport) is most appropriate for that particular athlete.”

“Currently, there are only three to four International Classifiers from the US, so the USOC is sending us to try and increase our representation at the international level.”


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