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Dr. Ewing honored by ATSU-ASHS Alumni Board

Congratulations to Helen Ewing, DHSc, RN, program director and associate professor, who has been awarded A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Health Sciences (ATSU-ASHS) Alumni Chapter Board Living Tribute Award for 2014.

The award honors faculty, staff, and administrators for outstanding accomplishments and/or long-term service to the school. The award is given to those who advance the mission of the University in support of its programs, thereby ensuring the University’s impact on the community and future generations of students. Each recipient has made a lasting impact on the school through outstanding professional, academic, or research-related accomplishments.

According to the faculty nomination, “As program director, Dr. Ewing continually strives to engage students and faculty through personal contact. She demonstrates responsiveness to student and faculty needs, interests, and concerns by making herself available at all times. Dr. Ewing developed, maintains, and has vision for a unique and highly successful doctoral program that epitomizes ATSU’s strategic plan initiatives of interprofessional education, collaboration, and pre-eminence. There is no aspect of program direction, including continued growth in very difficult economic times, that Dr. Ewing has not been able to easily master.”


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