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DMPTool: research data management tool

Jørgen Stamp, published under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Denmark License,

DMPTool logoDMPTool is a free online tool to create data management plans. Users are able to create a plan or co-author a plan with collaborators. After creating an account, you will have a personalized dashboard to create, edit, share, download, or copy any plans. Creating a plan is simple by using the wizard to select an appropriate template. A template will be suggested to you based on information you provide at the start of your project, which is based on your funder. You may create a mock project to test the tool, before using it for a real research project.

screen shot of plans for DMPTool

When you start on your data management plan, you will need certain details ready: the funder, grant number, write a project abstract, and the principle investigator information. Your plan will cover areas of your project from start to finish. This would include data collection, documentation & metadata, ethics, storage & backup, data selection & preservation, data sharing, responsibilities of project members, and resources to be used. If you need assistance answering any of these questions, contact the library or visit our new data services guide. We are able to answer questions about metadata, and provide best practices for storing & preservation, data sharing, and documentation. The data services guides provides resources and helpful information on all aspects of a data management plan.

by Adrienne Brodie, MLS, liaison librarian for ATSU-ASHS & ATSU-SOMA


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