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DHSc faculty and students pave new path at Clarkson University


Mr. Young, Dr. Welsh, and Dr. Whitehead at Clarkson University

ATSU-ASHS’s Doctor of Health Sciences (D.H.Sc) program is proud to acknowledge that three individuals from the program will be acting as the founding faculty for the new Physician Assistant (PA) program at Clarkson University in Postdam, New York.

Michael Whitehead, adjunct faculty, D.H.Sc program, will be the Program Director and Chair of the PA program at Clarkson University. Jeremy Welsh, D.H.Sc ’10, will be the Director of Clinical Education, and Keith Young, D.H.Sc ’12, will act as the Director of Didactic Education.

“What a great group of gentleman to lead the way on this exciting adventure,” said Helen Ewing, D.H.Sc., R.N., director, D.H.Sc. program


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