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D.H.Sc. assistant professor selected ICAA Visioning Board Member


Jeffrey Alexander, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Alexander, Ph.D.

New advisory group will steer development of vision for future of active aging



The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), an association that supports professionals who develop wellness and fitness facilities and services for age 50-plus adults, has named Jeffrey Alexander, Ph.D., Arizona School of Health Sciences (ASHS) doctor of health sciences assistant professor, to the new ICAA Visioning Board. From CEOs to researchers to wellness directors, the leaders appointed to the ICAA Visioning Board will drive ICAA 2020, an initiative set up to create a vision for the future of active aging. This diverse and dynamic advisory group will help steer this vision for the industry.

As an ICAA Visioning Board member, Dr. Alexander will offer creative ideas and recommendations about what will help the active-aging industry flourish in the years to come. He will work with other board members to develop a vision for such vital components of active aging as programming, facility development, and community design. The board will present its completed vision to the ICAA Advisory Board, which will work with the recommendations to set priorities for the association.

“The ICAA has its finger on the pulse of the global aging population, continually striving to improve the health, fitness, and well-being of older adults,” said Dr. Alexander. “Serving on their Visioning Board will afford me the opportunity to impact and ensure the future well-being of our growing older adult population, as well as affording our students a preview of things to come in the aging industry as I relay discussions and developments back to them.”

ICAA’s CEO, Colin Milner, welcomed Dr. Alexander’s involvement. “We are delighted Jeff has accepted our invitation to join the ICAA Visioning Board,” said Milner. “His knowledge, expertise, and passion for active aging will help this advisory group in creating a compelling vision for the future of our industry. We eagerly anticipate Jeff’s valuable contributions in the coming year.”


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