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D.H.Sc. student recognized in NurseWeek

Glenn Pascual, D.H.Sc., ’11, has been named as a finalist for NurseWeek’s 2010 Excellence Awards under the management category. NurseWeek’s Nursing Excellence Awards program recognizes the extraordinary contributions of California and Mountain West nurses.

Pascual, department administrator at Kaiser Permanente’s Woodland Hills Medical Center, located in California, was hired in 2008 to manage and create what was then an empty unit. After being open for a month, the unit was nominated for the Everyday Heroes award and has since been No. 1 in patient satisfaction surveys.

“I’m pleased about these accolades. I have created a name in patient service and a system for better healthcare delivery,” Pascual said. “The D.H.Sc. program has given me a better perspective of healthcare concepts, particularly with health policymaking and research utilization. My gratitude to ATSU!”

During the past two years, Pascual has received eight state awards and two national awards in patient service and satisfaction.


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