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Audiology program recognizes outstanding graduates

Two graduates from the entry-level Doctor of Audiology program (Au.D.) were selected to receive the Outstanding Student in Audiology award for 2011. Brianna Bernal, Au.D., and John Burkart, Au.D., were presented the award at the Audiology program graduation reception dinner held on August 4.

Candidates were selected by the Au.D. program faculty, preceptors, and chair based upon the following criteria:

“I am pleased to recognize Drs. Bernal and Burkart with this award,” said Tabitha Parent-Buck, Au.D., audiology professor and chair.  “Throughout the program, Brianna has demonstrated academic and clinical excellence. Her clinical skills have progressed rapidly and the reports from preceptors have provided wonderful reviews of her team work, ability to quickly learn new tasks, effectiveness working with the children and families,and excellent report writing and interpersonal skills.”

Dr. Parent-Buck continued, “From day one in the program, John has remained a consistently dedicated student with a drive to learn.I believe his enjoyment of seeing patients and putting his skills into action allowed him to develop into a well-rounded and solid clinician.”


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