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ATSU’s reputation in health sciences and kinesiology led student to CGHS program

Nawal Hatem Zaki Abdalkhalek

Nawal Hatem Zaki Abdalkhalek knew she wanted to pursue a degree from an online program because of their flexibility and accessibility. It was about seeking a balance between advancing her knowledge and skills, without disrupting her personal life and having things fit within her busy schedule. 

A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) Master of Science in Kinesiology program offered all of that, along with a sterling reputation for excellence.

“What attracted me to ATSU’s program specifically was its renowned reputation in the field of health sciences, including kinesiology,” Abdalkhalek said. “The program’s comprehensive curriculum, taught by experienced faculty members, promised to provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field. Additionally, ATSU’s commitment to supporting online students through robust academic and technical support services was a major draw for me.”

Abdalkhalek, who expects to complete her master’s degree this fall, is already reaping benefits from the program, deepening her understanding of kinesiology and its applications in various settings, enriching her professional life overall. She’s able to take the knowledge and skills gained and apply them directly to her work, allowing her to provide better care to her clients and contribute more effectively to her organization. 

Long term, she sees the Master of Science in Kinesiology program opening new doors for her professionally. 

“Completing this program will undoubtedly open up new opportunities for me in the field of kinesiology,” Abdalkhalek said. “It will equip me with the credentials and expertise needed to pursue advanced roles in healthcare, sports performance, or research. I believe it will also enhance my credibility and marketability within the industry, positioning me for long-term success and fulfillment in my career.”

Balancing work, life demands, and the program’s demands requires careful time management and prioritization, Abdalkhalek said. To help, she established a structured schedule, dedicating specific blocks of time to her studies each week, while also ensuring she made time for work commitments and personal activities. 

She also leaned on the support of her family and utilized the resources provided by ATSU-CGHS, such as academic advisors and online learning tools.

“The support I received from program faculty and staff at ATSU-CGHS was instrumental in my academic journey,” Abdalkhalek said. “Faculty members were accessible and responsive, offering guidance and feedback on coursework, as well as mentoring me through my academic and professional development. The program staff provided invaluable administrative support, assisting with registration, financial aid, and technical issues whenever needed.

“My experience at ATSU has been incredibly positive and transformative. The program has not only expanded my academic horizons but has also connected me with a supportive community of fellow students and professionals. I am grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me and confident in the impact it will continue to have on my personal and professional growth.”


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