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ATSU’s Master of Public Health program an ‘inspirational experience,’ student says

Already professionally accomplished as CEO of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) Master of Public Health (MPH) program student Heather A. Pelletier says her courses are helping prepare her for the future.

“As the CEO of a frontier, rural FQHC, the MPH program has taught me how to take my work into the future. I had actually enrolled prior to the pandemic, and navigating the unprecedented pandemic in a healthcare leadership role, while learning MPH studies first-hand, was ideal. Certainly a challenge to juggle my responsibilities, but upon reflection of the simultaneous experience I could not have planned it to be so beneficial,” she said.

Pelletier, who expects to graduate in May 2024, was attracted to the program because of the ability to work with interdisciplinary professors and students, as well as continue to work full time professionally while completing the MPH. This requires discipline and time management, she said, but program faculty understand their students have work and life responsibilities, and provide support in addition to a wealth of knowledge.

“ATSU professors work in the field and bring real-life expertise to the educational experience,” she said.

In her time in healthcare leadership, Pelletier has developed numerous programs, like a food shelf service for food-insecure patients. Her time in the MPH program has helped her see more opportunities to serve her patients, and given her the tools to make it happen.

“ATSU is an inspirational experience,” she said.


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