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ATSU’s Kirksville, Missouri, campus SGA presents 2024 student, faculty awards

A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) Kirksville, Missouri, campus Student Government Association (SGA) presented its 2024 student and faculty awards April 19 in Mehegan Classroom.

Awards were as follows:

ATSU-Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ATSU-MOSDOH) Student Dentist of the Year: Madison Schurb, D3 (presented by Brooke Robinson, MPA, director of student success, ATSU-MOSDOH)

Madison Schurb, D3, accepts the ATSU-MOSDOH Student Dentist of the Year award from Brooke Robinson, MPA

ATSU-Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM) Student Doctor of the Year: Jacob Speechley, OMS IV (presented by Peter Kondrashov, PhD, ATSU-KCOM Anatomy department chair)

Jacob Speechley, OMS IV, Zoomed in to receive the ATSU-KCOM Student Doctor of the Year award, presented by Dr. Kondrashov

ATSU-MOSDOH Class of 2026 Outstanding Teacher Award: Graziela Ribeiro Batista, DDS, PhD, MS, associate professor (presented by Hanna Matejka, D2)

Dr. Batista receives her award from ATSU-MOSDOH student Hannah Matejka, D2

ATSU-MOSDOH Class of 2027 Outstanding Teacher Award: Sumitra Miriyala, PhD, MBA, MPH, FAHA, associate professor of anatomy, ATSU-KCOM (presented by Austin Seaborn, D1)

Dr. Miriyala receives her award from ATSU-MOSDOH student Austin Seaborn, D1

Max Gutensohn, DO, Class of 2026 Outstanding Teacher Award: Julie Hessler, DO, assistant professor, family medicine (presented by Vinny Cook, OMS II)

Dr. Hessler receives her award from ATSU-KCOM student Vinny Cook, OMS II

Max Gutensohn, DO, Class of 2027 Outstanding Teacher Award: Sara Funk, DPT, assistant professor, anatomy (presented by Danielle Graf, OMS I

Dr. Funk receives her award from ATSU-KCOM student Danielle Graf, OMS I

ATSU Student Researcher of the Year: Hope Welter, OMS II (presented by William Sexton, PhD, professor, physiology)

Hope Welter, OMS II, received the Research Award, presented by Dr. Sexton

ATSU-MOSDOH Elsie Gaber Compassion and Integrity Award: Euslah Kigen, D2 (presented by Elsie Gaber, PhD)

Euslah Kigen, D2, receives her award from Dr. Gaber

SGA Leadership Award: Sameer Khan, OMS II; Roger Woolley OMS II; and Nivedita Biju, OMS II (presented by Dan Martin, MA, director, Thompson Campus Center)

SGA Leadership Award winners, presented by Dan Martin, MA (right), from left: Sameer Khan, OMS II, Nivedita Biju, OMS II, and Roger Woolley, OMS II


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